v15 and "clear history and cookies at exit"

in v 14.2 this feature worked fine but since i upgraded to v15 it doesnt seem to work anymore. my history stays even after dragon reboot or system reboot

is anyone else having this problem?

win7 pro 64 cis 5.8


If apps are allowed to run in the background (Continue running background apps when Comodo Dragon is closed), dragon will clean the history and the cookies only after all browser windows and background apps are closed. You can disable this apps from dragon://settings/advanced - Background Apps.

Thank you for support!

i have that option disabled

We’ll need more detailed information regarding the plugins (dragon://plugins/) and extension (dragon://settings/extensionSettings) that you have installed and what flags (dragon://flags/), if any, that are enabled.
Also, tell us whether the User Account Control is enabled or disabled and what other software that you have installed.

i have no plugins or extensions installed
but under flags i enabled smooth scrolling
uac is disabled i have comodo firewall 5.8. do you want a list of all software installed? or a ßlist of something more particular?

i just installed CD on my parents computer and they are having the same problem and they do not have smooth scrolling enabled. i took screenshots all of my settings to help fix this problem. both computers have identical settings, both are running cfw 5.8. im running win7 pro 64 and they have win7 pro 32

if you need any more info let me know

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Can you post the output of dragon://version ? And, does the user have admin rights?

both users are admins

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it seems like the problem has gone away for the most part.

idk if this is by design or a bug but old websites seem to be remembered. if i start typing a website in the address bar it will show the full website in the dropdown. i thought if the history is cleared that all the websites would have been cleared aswell.