V-Engine and IE7

I noticed that the latest version of V-Engine has been released but it has no IE7 support, any ideas as to when the support for IE7 will be added into it. (B)


I am guessing around January when Vista becomes generally available, I believe IE7 will be released alongside with Vista however I am not sure, this is just me guessing.


Comodo are already working on a compatible version to this as there were a number of bugs found with initial testing betwen the two applications. VE should support IE7 when it is released.



Thanks for the quick response, looks like I’ll have to wait till IE7 becomes main stream, so far it seems to work ok but to have V-Engine running with it will make it better.

I tried VE but i had to uninstall it, since i have IE7rc1 on my computer. IE7 goes to about 50% cpu load, and is unusable, like everything else on the computer. You can’t even close it by right-clicking the systray icon…? Even if i uncheck it in msconfig autostart, it blocks IE.
If i would use such program like VE, it’s just to feel safe when i’m doing banking and webshopping. That’s why i don’t understand why it autostarts with Windows… It should be easily tured on/off when you need it, and it should probably be best to have it in the browser like a plugin/extension.
The whole purpose with VE must be to use it with browsers… or? If Comodo had made VE like a plugin/extension for one browser at a time, it would not have bothered the other browsers… i think… ::slight_smile:
It feels unnessesary to have one more program running every dag, when you use it for about half hour a month…
I/we have enough programs/processes running/autostart anyway… Every program you install want’s to autostart/put icon in systray…

I hope Comodo consider the purpose/use of VE and make it work the best way…
I think VE is a great idea! Just make it “sit in the right chair”.

I went to IKEA, bought the chair and now its sitting on it :slight_smile:

it will be out soon :wink:


I hope it won’t sit there too long… :wink:
or, that you are sitting on it… ;D
It may be good though… it will probably be “flat” and “light” on resources… ::slight_smile:

IE7 is now supported.



Thanks Shane. :wink: IE7 now works perfectly with V-Engine.


NICE! :slight_smile:
I will download it right away, and have a look at it! 8)

v engine works in IE 7. See my post above.

Had posted this in another thread in conjunction with Memory Guardian, but thought I might post it here about Gmail conflicts. Not positive its the Verification Engine, but to this point there have been no lockups are crashes.

Thanks for checking this out!


If you scan the forums you will see that I have had problems with Gmail either locking up or crashing for the past several weeks ever since they brought out the new version.

On a hunch I just uninstalled the Verification Engine and tried about 8 or 9 times to do things that would usually cause problems. No lockup nor crashes of IE7.

I uninstalled and reinstalled IE7 with the latest version from Oct. Saturday and that took care of links locking up. But IE would still sometimes crash when I would click on Remove Spam messages. And almost always when I Signed Out and then clicked the X to exit the program. I would get an error message from Microsoft and then a white box before it crashed.

I wonder if it could be a combination of the changes in Gmail, and having IE7 phishing filter running the same time as the Verification Engine.


Wondered if you have a projected date for the next update of Comodo Verification Engine :THNK
Hope I will have the same success as with the update with beta Comodo Memory Firewall (:CLP)

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling seveeral times and Gmail will crash more times than not.
When I uninstall the Verification Engine the crashes are gone.

Had asked about having IE7 phising filter running at the same time, but no response yet to that question.

Thank You and Your Team again

we are working on a highly enhanced version of VE…
don’t have time table yet…
as soon as I have it, I will let you know.

Please have them check it with Gmail. I know the new update of Gmail has problems, but when running VE the problems are enhanced to a point that it looks like VE is causing them.

Still wondered if the phishing filter in IE7 could be causing conflicts also?


Melih, it has been a while since any posts in this thread !

Just posted in one of the Gmail Help Forums and looking at the side bar of previous posts, I was correct in stating that it was Gmail that is having the problems since their last update. The Verification Engine just enhances the problem, that creates the illusion it is the cause.

There are several posts about Gmail crashing with programs such as Mcaffee Site Advisor and Firefox.

I have not seen any fixes OR posts from Google about this on going problem.

The only way right now is for an exceptions list, to exclude Gmail (but I really don’t think that would be wise).


Very disappointed that it looks like an exceptions list might be needed for Gmail (:SAD) (:AGY)

In the Gmail Groups Help, the only response that has been posted is to turn OFF the Comodo Verification Engine or Mcaffee Site Advisor.

This is not official Gmail responses but by posters in their groups.

Gmail/Google even though there have been many comments about crashes have not directly acknowledged the problem nor posted any suggestions.

The lack of response directly from Gmail/Google leave me and probably many other users with the impression, that the crashing is not Gmails problem but the other programs problem.

For those involved with The Comodo Memory Guardian Firewall, hope if they might be able to analyse Gmail and see programming anomalies might be a factor in these crashes. Being web based this may be difficult !

Not sure if Google is a company that listens to others or only to their programmers? :THNK



   Hope when the enhanced version of the Verification Engine is released for beta testing, it will help protect us from ourselves  :Beer  

to include protection from items like this before we click on it, by scanning the page and verifying links, stopping us before we click on them.




Reason: Out-Dated post.