V-Engine released.

Verification Engine is now available for download from http://www.vengine.com.

New in this version:
FIXED IE 8 Beta 2 incompatibility.

BETA FEATURE ADDED ‘IE 8 beta 2’ limited support. SSL Padlock pop-up does show when the mouse is over the address bar padlock. This feature will be added shortly.

Firefox 3 support will follow very shortly.



Will wait for FF 3 support. :slight_smile:


And Opera! You shall not forget it! ;D :a0

yay! FF3 support (:NRD)

if you could notify me when that happens naruzap@naruzap.com thatd be solid too comodo staff :-TU

Shame that there is no Opera support.


I’m hoping for Chrome support in the future. :stuck_out_tongue: Good about IE 8 support because MS has a tendency to upgrade core files, so chances are users will get IE8 final installed even if they use FF.

I hope for firefox 3.1 beta 1 support!!

Hey, I’ve just installed VE and its now working on my Fx 3.0.4. Green arrows etc. Right click on the VE tray icon gives me plugin If that was a mistake - don’t fix it !

Vista ready? ???


CVE has been released