V-Engine released.

Verification Engine is now available for download from http://www.vengine.com.

Apologies in the delay between the release and posting this forum notification.

New in this version:
NEW! Added Netscape 9.0 support;
NEW! Added Seamonkey 1.1 support;
NEW! All Warning popup windows can be closed with mouse click on them;
IMPROVED! Gecko plugins performance (dropped support of old gecko browsers - Mozilla Suite, Netscape 8.0);
IMPROVED! Extended SslVerify trusted issuers list;
IMPROVED! Performance of Internet Explorer plugins;
IMPROVED! Compatibility with Internet Explorer 7/7+;
IMPROVED! VEAIDA feature performance;
IMPROVED! SslVerify feature performance;
IMPROVED! Some GUI graphics;
IMPROVED! Using cached SSL certificates in Gecko (no additional download);
IMPROVED! Full screen Warning window GUI;
IMPROVED! Download algorithms of CVC and SSL certificates data;
IMPROVED! Uninstall algorithms for Gecko browsers;
IMPROVED! Certificate chains building algorithms;
IMPROVED! Setup compression ratio;
FIXED! Minor GUI issues;
FIXED! Minor memory leaks;
FIXED! Complex frame sites support (Gmail, etc);
FIXED! Installation problems in Seamonkey with tray assist turned on;
FIXED! Some ugrade problems;
FIXED! Internet Explorer 7+ Protected Mode issues;
FIXED! Validaton Border minor GUI issues;
FIXED! Installer minor GUI issues;
FIXED! SeaMonkey VE About dialog GUI issues;
FIXED! VEAIDA hide options issues;
FIXED! Repair options issues for some users;
FIXED! Certificate chain processing issues for Gecko browsers;
FIXED! Compatibility problems with composite ActiveX controls;
FIXED! Some refresh issues in Internet Explorer plugins;
FIXED! Dependencies on some libraries in Gecko plugins;
FIXED! SslVerify compatibility with Internet Explorer 5;
FIXED! VEAIDA trail to wrong bottom logos;
FIXED! Minor issues with JavaScript popup windows;