Does V.477 update as far as definitions are concerned?
The purpose of my question is because all subsequent versions except RC 1/2 cause me problems and 477 is the only version that i can use without any problems
I would like to keep Comodo but only if 477 updates.
I have posted regularly on “Bug Report-Defense+Bugs” but nothing gets done
I am now getting very short of patience
Any help much appreciated

why not try the stable version of 3.9.509? do a clean install, also do not import the rules from 3.8 because they are not compatible. http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/download_firewall.html and to answer your question not 3.8.477 does not update anymore because the av signature format was changed and they are not compatible with the older versions of comodo.

Thanks for your interest.
I have tried all subsequent versions all of which were clean installed but the problem remains.
There is no way round it.I know because i have tried everything possible.
The problem is that i use a program called “Intel Desktop Utilities”.It is an essential program as far as i am concerned.
The program will not open with Comodo installed and what’s more to get it to work i have to remove Comodo and reinstall IDU.
To my mind Comodo kills IDU.
I know that there are various other programs that work in the same way but i want to stick to original Intel software.
I am hoping the next version of Comodo sorts my problem otherwise it bye bye Comodo

what version of IDU are you using, I wanted to download version 3 form intel’s website but it is not available anymore, I think they took it down. Do you have version 3 that you can send me?

I am using V. that is on the disc that came with the motherboard.I have also tried the latest offering from Intel but it is unstable in as much that the interface will not stay where i put it.
Both these have been tried with Comodo but no joy.
My board is DG33FB.
If you want a copy of the disc just PM me with you address and i will gladly send you a copy.

PS i almost forgot
What about my problem

do you know how to make an ISO? and what other problem are you talking about,

Yes, i do know how to make an image file.
The problem i always have is trying to mail it It is much too big.
I would rather send you a disc.
My problem,if you read my postings,is IDU with Comodo installed

if you have a faster internet connection upload the iso here www.rapidshare.de and send me the link. I really want to try IDU so that I can see what happens when I install it on my pc.

I also have the same problem on my other computer.
That has a different board and IDU V.
So i think the problem is Comodo not IDU.
If you still want an ISO,i will do my best.
I would still prefer to send you discs of both versions.
It sounds like you are a UK resident.

No I’m not, I’m in the USA 8) Try and let me know if you can upload them.

The IDU program comes on a disc with a number of other programs,in all about 500 MB
I did try to upload but it looks like 300MB is the limit it will accept,so not possible to send to you.
I looked on the Intel site.You can download V.3 from there and i have tried that


One other thing i forgot to mention is that the same problem arises using Windows 7
I don’t really care about that as i am just playing with it.

Ok I downloaded it and tried to install it but becasue I don’t have an Intel brand board it would not let me. Even though I have intel north and south chips. Well I tired, maybe someone else can try it and see if they have problems.

Thanks for trying anyway,
One thing i forgot to mention was that i had no problems with RC1/2 just 507,508 and 509 which made me very disappointed with Comodo.
Perhaps next time,i hope

Problem resolved.
I thought the problem was the Comodo Firewall and or Defense +.
But no the problem was Comodo Anti Virus.
I am now the Comodo Firewall , Defense + and Avira Anti Virus.
No problems.All running perfectly especially IDU.