V 4 do I uninstall V3?

I have tried to see if this question has been asked before , but i haven’t found an answer as yet.
I am receiving the request that there is a version 4 for update , but do I just update as per normal or do i need to remove V3 first?

You can update CIS through the updater but you can make a clean install to. When you choose this way, you can use the remove tool from this post https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/cleanup-tool-for-comodo-internet-security-t36499.0.html;msg259617#msg259617 (to remove the remaints from v 3) and after that to install the product from here: Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows

Thanks, so it should just update as per normal. I prefer not to have to uninstall if possible as it saves anything going wrong.

It is possible to update from the latest version of CIS 3.14 to v4.1 using the program updater under Miscellaneous → Check for updates. What version are you currently using? Look under Miscellaneous → About.

If I understand things correctly your old configuration can be activated under Manage My Configuration (under Miscellaneous).


I am using 3.14.147 - which I beleive is the latest one .

I an unsure what you mean by ‘your old configuration’ can be activated?. is this something to do with saving my rules that allow the programmes to work?

P.S. - forgot to mention that I only need to upgrade the firewall, I don’t need the other bits.

I know that you can export your settings before you try to upgrade to V4. That way you can still import them into V4 after you upgrade. Of course it may do it automatically (I’m not sure) but at least this way you can be sure.

Yes it does it automatically you just have to select that configuration after upgrade.

It is always best to export configuration before upgrade in case of problems.

I tried both ways on XP Pro x32 and Vista x32 both successful clean install of 4.1 and import of configuration and upgrade 3.14****.588 to 4.1