v fails with error code 100144

See also In the latest version backup fails with code 100144 https://forums.comodo.com/help-cb-b104.0/-t91655.0.html

I have the same problem
26.02.2014 12:22:12 Creating full backup “M:\Backups\Desktop_inc_files.cbu”
26.02.2014 12:22:13 Collecting information…
26.02.2014 12:22:13 This might take a few minutes depending of the number of files and folders…
26.02.2014 12:22:13 Determining information for C:\Users\Bill\Start Menu\ failed
26.02.2014 12:22:13 Getting files and directories tree failed
26.02.2014 12:22:13 An error occurred while collecting information.
26.02.2014 12:22:13 Error Occurred
26.02.2014 12:22:13 Backup failed with code 100144 (The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory.).

This happens when I exclude any folder in the C:\Users tree.
The cited conversation said that it was supposed to be fixed in future versions, but apparently it hasn’t.
If there isn’t a workaround I can’t use Comodo

Yeah, I’d like to know too. Somebody’s got to know how to fix this.

I’ve uninstalled Comodo and installed Paragon’s backup software. I would have preferred to use Comodo and I’ll try it again when the next version comes out.