Dear Readers
since installing V3 i seem to have acquired 40 or so No Plug and Play drivers.
These are only visable if you click on “show hidden devices” in device manager.
One of the drivers is Parport.I only noticed it because it has a yellow and black exclamation mark next to it.
i looked up Parport only to find it is a Windows driver
I would appreciate some guidance please as to why this has happened since installing V3
And should it have an exclamation showing next to it
I also looked up the properties of parport to which it says "This device is not present,is not working,etc,etc "
I would be most grateful for some advice please

A search on Google showed Parport to be the Parallel Port Driver.

Microsoft have a help and support page about your exclamation mark…


While there is no resolution for this problem, no harm is done by it. The problem can be safely ignored.


All is revealed
I am most grateful for the direction.
Is it my imagination about these Non Plug and Play only showing since installing v3.
I don’t remember ever having seeing them before
Thanks again for your help.
I must say this Forum is a mine of information

No problems mate.

You always have these non plug and play devices, how many is dependent on what you have installed.

I just remembered i have disconnected my printer while i reorganise my toys.
Maybe that is why there is an exclamation mark showing.
We shall see on reconnection
Thanks Again.