v.3 making everything S-L-O-W

Yep, it takes ages to load at boot-up and when it finally has loaded my whole system runs painfully slowly. I tried disabling D+ but that didn’t help, so I’ve had to go back to 2.4.

Potential conflicts might be with Avast or Spyware Terminator, but shutting those down doesn’t seem to make any difference either. I’m very disappointed.

I probably should’ve said I’m using Windows XP Pro.

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

Hi there.
CFP V3 has actually become progressively lighter on system resources so it seems likely that your problem is due to a conflict with one of your other security apps.Are you running Spyware Terminator with the realtime HIPS enabled? If so this could well cause issues,it’s less likely that a conflict with Avast would be causing it.Have you tried disabling the HIPS in Spyware Terminator? It’s not necessary to run that with CFP3,since D+ covers everything that ST does.

If that doesn’t help,perhaps you could give some more information on your system,available RAM etc?

:BNC Running like a dream here!

I have recently been trialling O.A. free. Coincidentally - (or not) - I don’t know, I was getting a substantial number of Windows Explorer errors.
I tried with XP’s own firewall and Kerio and had none of these annoyances.
Now I’m trying the latest version of Comodo and am finding it runs well, is not nearly so noisy as the first releases of V3 and obviously gives me good protection. I bank on-line, exclusively, so that’s really important to me.
I also run Comodo BOClean. Is it necessary to keep this on my laptop as well as CPF?
I am also looking forward to the day when CAV is up there with the likes of Kaspersky, Avira et al. How long, I wonder?
In the meantime, a “Thank you” to all the development team for the continuing improvements in the application.
Way to go! (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

OK, disabling HIPS in ST seems to have cured the problem. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it remains fixed. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome! Hopefully you’ll have no more issues. :■■■■

Quote:I also run Comodo BOClean. Is it necessary to keep this on my laptop as well as CPF?

BOclean offers another layer of protection and differs from your other applications,since it’s reasonably light on resources and is unobtrusive it certainly doesn’t hurt to have that extra bit of insurance.