v..3 has 3 ... v2.4 has 6 network control rules

I am still using version 2.4 at the moment until aOwL comes out with his easy to follow video.

My questions surrounds what appears to me the complex network rules of allowing and blocking traffic to and from the computer.

On v 2.4 I have 6 ( 5 green ticks that ‘allow’ connections and 1 red ‘block’ all) I have noticed on the ‘screenshots’ for V3 on the main page that there are only 3 rather than the 6. Is there a reason for this?

Secondly , when I eventually change over to V3 , will I have to manually set up the rules or is there a default setting I can use?

There seems to be much discussion on various threads about users wishing to get it right, I have read on one that it is suggested only 4 rules need be applied. I am very pleased with the firewall as it stands but there must be people like me who just do not have the confidence in trying to configure their own control rules.


If you install v3 using the default configuration, (be sure to enable defense+) then the appropriate rules will be automatically configured for you.
Hope this helps.


Its not to bad,just a tip after installing V3 with defence+ in clean pc mode is to open all your frequently used programs so defence+ can learn about them this will save you getting a lot of questions later.

Also if you choose the non p2p option when installing there are only 4 global rules(1 block/3 allow)
The default settings are fine but after you have ran most applications you can easily change to custom policy mode(firewall) and train with safe mode(defence+)

Regards Matty

Thanks chaps… look forward to downloading V3 when the video is sorted [ I just like to see exactly what I am supposed to do] before I attempt it.