V. 3.0;---Inability to print manual/user guide

I have both a desktop and a laptop with XP Home with SP2. I also have BitDefender Antivirus 2008 installed. A few days ago I installed v. 3.0 of the firewall on both computers. On my desktop, I went tp Miscellaneous/Help and brought up the User Guide. When I clicked on the print icon to print the guide, a window popped up which stated that the firewall program had encountered a problem and needed to close. Therefore, not only could I not print the manual, but additionally, after being advised that the program needed to close, it failed to close;----in the tray at the bottom of my screen were 2 open window rectangles which stated HTML and Comodo. Eventually (don’t remember how) the windows/program closed.

I then tried to print the manual using my other computer,—the laptop. Exact same result.

Why won’t the user guide print out? How come the program had difficulty closing after stating that it needed to close?

Thanks. Keith G. If you like, please reply to 62191@tx.rr.com

I had a similar problem to you. You can get at the manual by going into “Program Files/Comodo/Firewall/cfp”
Not stating the obvious, but its a great help once you can get to see the instructions !!
Good luck

Thank U so much. As per your suggestion, I accessed the manual thru Windows Explorer and that worked just fine.

Man, I have never seen a forum that was so hard to use as this one. It took me some time before I could figure out how to post my question. And, trying to find out if anyone responded to my question was great fun also. Guess I’m judst stupid.

Thank U again. You solved my problem.