v failure to remember

having problems with some program settings
when I select always remember to allow .
It will come up and ask me again and again.
avast anti virus
ie 7
and a few server programs I am running.
any solution?
Also it would be nice to be able to contain
server services as well as just normal access.

Is it really the same pop-up. Often it’s about the same program, but with a different port or ip adres. That sort of things. In the beginning Comodo asks a lot, but after 1 or 2 weeks it’s far less.

Today i’ve installed IE7 which somehow caused that CPF forgot rules regarding the computer’s ATI video card driver (CLI.exe) and the user anywhere client. Any ideas for these?

Yes same ip destination and same port #.reboot and the same thing.seems pretty consistant. xp pro with latest ms updates p4 2.66 mhz 2gig ram.
thanks for any help.
even did an uninstall and clean install.the same thing.

Yes same ip destination and same port
Yes, but did it have the same parent?

yep, mozilla.exe ,iexplorer etc. only 1 instance of them,single user machine.and only one program at a time for access.

Are all those programs on disk C: ?

When I switched from 2.3 to 2.4 all my rules for applications on disk other than C: were ruined and since then comodo keeps asking about them all the time.