I am not generally a great poster but i am so impressed with the Comodo that i had to say something.
This is really a great Firewall.
i have had so many problems with Firewalls that i was very nervous about installing it.
Absolutely no problems except a small adjustment to allow for AVG but i half expected that anyway.
It looks like there has been some very serious thought and planning put into it and we are only on version 2.3.6.
Just think what version 5 will be like.
Do please keep up the good work and don’t get carried away.
Best Regards

Welcome to the forums rambo (:WAV)

Thanks for the feedback; glad you like the firewall!

Please feel free to poke around the forum, read through the Firewall FAQ section, and ask questions if you need to. Someone will be glad to help you.


I have already posted a question about the different versions.No doubt an informed person will advise.