Utter and complete confusion about subscription

I have no idea where to post this. I’ve also done a search and couldn’t find anything relevant.

Subscription to CIS pro: 50 days left

The UI tells me that so it must be true, only I’ve had 50 days left for about 4 weeks now :o

During my search I found a thread of an irate user complaining about the ‘10 days left pop ups’. Wouldn’t have bothered me, just renew and be done with it. But is it possible that Comodo decided to leave the ‘time left’ sitting at 50 to avoid those pop ups? A little patch in the latest update, etc???

It is of course also possible that I am the Comodo darling and they gave me a life-time license the last time I paid.

I’m just wondering now what is going to happen when the subscription really runs out. My Comodo account says until 06/01/2014, that’s much closer to the truth ;D

Anyway, what’s going to happen? Which one counts?

Good question to which I don’t know the answer. We will know more around Monday January 6. Could you report back then? I will see when you posted because I always check answers to posts I posted in. The inconsistency may be a bug.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll report back on or around 06/01/2014.

I actually meant to renew b4 that but it might be interesting to just let it play out.

I didn’t expire on my computer but it showed expired in my account.

The confusion could have been created by me restoring a disk image a while ago. Perhaps Comodo took this as a new license since I had to activate the guaranty again.

Whatever, thanks to endless Comodo promos and Download Crew I’ve already reactivated it.