utorrent with UPnP

Hi, I read this FAQ already and found that all the rules show only static IP
How to set comodo if I am using utorrent with UPnP enabled?
Since I use my laptop everywhere all the time, it is easier for me to use the dynamic ip when my router supports that.

In here, https://forums.comodo.com/frequently-asked-questions-faq-for-comodo-firewall/tutorial-for-utorrent-with-comodo-firewall-3-t15677.0.html
RagWing rules seems much more easier for beginner like me,
but does open a port in the global rules make me in danger?

Since I am using a shared network or public network,
and I am not sharing files or printer with the computers in the same network
I would like to choose “block all incoming connections” in the stealth port wizard
after choosing this, many of the UDP/TCP of “Windows operating system”, “System” or “svchost.exe” from 192.168.2.x were blocked.
However, it will also block the utorrent,
how to block those other thing without affecting utorrent.

ALL in all, how to set up rules in my case XD.

You’re better off to not enable UPnP in uTorrent. It interferes with forwarded ports in the router if it’s enabled. In my setup, I have the port for uTorrent forwarded in the router for both UDP and TCP. I let CIS detect my network at installation and never bothered with the stealth ports wizard. I run with D+ in Clean PC mode and the first time I started up uTorrent it asked if I wanted to let it receive a connection. I said yes and it’s worked perfectly ever since with no rule ever having to be created to allow the port through.

But with Upnp on, I dont need to forward the port anymore, so nothing will be interfered.

I tried using the stealth ports wizard since some kind of popup about system, svchost shows up with 192.168.2.x.
I dont really know what that is, and I dont want to try making some rules for it since I am not sure how it will be affected.
I chose blocked all incoming connection since I am always in a untrusted network. So I preferred blocking those incoming connection (except utorrent of course).

So I am figuring out how I can keep staying with Upnp on and use a single port in utorrent (10000 for instant), and setting rules for utorrent with blocking all other incoming connections. is gthe IP of your router. You need to allow that trafiic. Also, if you have a rule to block all incoming, then you need to make a rule for uTorrent allowing incoming on the port you use for it and place that rule before the block rule in your Global rules.