Utorrent will not connect

I just started using CIS, so I am pretty new to it. I followed this guide https://forums.comodo.com/frequently_asked_questions_faq_for_comodo_firewall/tutorial_for_utorrent_with_comodo_firewall_3-t15677.0.html

When I use the utorrent link to test if my port is forwarded properly however it says it is not. Also if I go to the Stealth Ports Wizard it has Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to everyone else selected everytime. I select Alert me to incoming connections stealth my ports on per-case basis and then open utorrent but I get no alert from CIS. When I open it the first option is selected as if I had made no change.

Perhaps I have it set up correctly and do not have a static ip set up right for dd-wrt but I’m not sure. Is there a way to check if my static ip is set up right?

As far as the link to test if ports are forwarded, have you set up port forwarding? (likely in your router’s configuration)

I will let the CIS experts handle the rest…

Yeah I have. I set it for the static IP I tried to set up but I’m not sure if the static ip is set up right.

To check what ip your pc is using:
(assuming windows xp?)

From the start menu, select run and type “cmd” and press “ok”

In the command prompt type “ipconfig” and press ENTER

Information on all of your connections should be returned.
Under whichever connection you are using it should display the ip address.

As a side note, I remember uTorrent having an option to “randomize port each time uTorrent starts”
Make sure this is unchecked.


Comodo → Firewall → My network security policy → global rules ~Add

You will now be presented with a new window.

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In/out
Description = Utorrent
Source Address = Any
Destination Address = Any
Source port = any
Destination port =utorrent

Click apply etc etc
Now in the global rules, Move utorrent rule to the top and click apply.

this works, even when “Stealthing ports to everyone” Since the first rule takes priority.


I added the global rule but it still wont connect.

I tried to set up static IP for myself and for the wireless laptop on my network. I went under services entered Host name, MAC, and static ip i want. though I do not have Use “NVRAM for client lease DB” checked. When I check it my internet goes down.

I selected for my static but when I do ipconfig/all it says my IPv4 is (preferred). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. :-\

Which operating system is this?

Assuming Windows XP:
Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Right Click on the connection you use, and select properties > Scroll down and highlight “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and press the Properties button > Select radio button “Use the following IP address:”

Where it says IP address, put the one you want to use here.
Subnet mask, in most instances for home routers, will be
Default gateway will in most instances be your routers IP (,, ?)
DNS server in most instances will be your routers IP also.

Let me know if that helps?

Here is a page that shows screenshots that may be more clear.

Side note:
I usually assign static ip’s higher in the range, ie: if the ip range for your router is I will use say This keeps the DHCP
server in the router from assigning an ip that would conflict.

My router is dynamic, so the address changes frequently automatically…
I didn’t have to enter the mac address or static IP or anything. just the port of the traffic.

Reason being is because the traffic isn’t exactly coming from your router, It’s coming elsewhere - forwarded by your router. That’s probably why when you enter your routers mac address or IP address your blocked. Utorrent traffic isnt from your router, It’s from china\russia\amerrica\everywhere

Delete all your pre-existing rules… and add the one I told you to if you haven’t done so already.
Also make sure your port is forwarded in your router, TCP\UDP and that your router accepts incoming pings.

Yes, but the router forwards all traffic aimed for X port to Y ip address…

If uTorrent is set to listen on port 18525, you must tell the router that all traffic that hits the router on port 18525 must go to Y IP address.

The network address translation layer on the router basically says “if local requested google.com, google.com’s response should go to Everything else is BLOCKED and we IGNORE”. By adding a port forwarding rule, it then says “Anything that is directed to X port should be directed to THIS ip address”.

If you change your rule when your ip dynamically changes, or if your lease time is long enough, you can get away with not having a static ip - however using a static ip ensures that it is always hanging on the address listed in the rule.

Still do this, Kyle is the CIS expert not me - just adding my two cents to try to help with the port forwarding and general networking, since both could be an issue.

Just thought, Windows firewall is disabled, right?

Im running Windows 7 pro student version. How would I do what strthomp suggested for 7?

When I do ipconfig the ip listed is not the ip I tried to set in my router homepage to use as a static IP. I asked on the DD-WRT forums but still no one has answered me on there.

I did what you suggested Kyle, and I can’t believe it but yes I did have windows firewall enabled.

I think the problem is that I cant get a static IP set. I actually called RoadRunner (ISP) and they told me I have to pay for a static IP. wtf?

Utorrent acts like it works (things download and look like theyre seeding) sometimes with a green check at the bottom and sometimes with the red x. When I use port checker though I get the red ! mark everytime.

Happy holidays as well folks!

To set a fixed internal IP address follow this guide: How to Set a Static IP Address on Various Systems . When done with that check with ipconfig the IP address of your network device.

Does that help? When it doesn’t help show a screenshot of your Global Rules.

Awesome, I was able to get the static IP set up! However port checker still gives me a red ! for some reason. If you need more screenshots of anything just let me know. Thanks for helping me.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I was looking at your Global Rule for uTorrent. First of all you need to change the direction to In.

Can you tell me what the Source and Destination Addresses are and the Source port are?

The rule you made under Application Rules has a redundant rule. You can remove the rule with name “Allow” as the other rule will already allow all.

You don’t need a global rule. Utorrent will work fine if you delete all the rules you currently have for it, change the D+ mode to Clean PC, start the program and start a torrent download. If you have your port forwarded correctly in a router, Utorrent will connect and work perfectly. You could also delete all the current rules and put both the Firewall and D+ in training mode and then start a torrent download. Just change the settings back to whatever ones you normally use afterwards.

That is total bullocks… excuseze le mot… :P0l

Training mode does not configurate the needed Global Rules needed to open port(s) for incoming traffic. It only helps to create Application Rules.(For the heck of it I checked…)

Put a strike through inappropriate language

After I did this I now get the green check mark! I have any set for Source port and Destination Address, for source port I have it on single port on 42686 which is the port used in Utorrent.

I’ll report back if more errors come up.

Thanks guys and gals.