Utorrent using UPNP Port Triggering

Hello. I, as many others, have been having some problems with Utorrent and UPNP. I’ve never managed to get the light green. And I don’t think my ISP allows me to enter a static IP adress, so I think the only way to get it working is using UPNP. Anyway, I read in this: https://forums.comodo.com/help-for-v2/unable-to-upnp-porthow-to-rectify-this-t5785.15.html
thread that someone managed to get it working by using port triggering. Unfortunately, since I’m quite a noob in the firewall area I did not get it to work… So I’m wondering if someone could please reply and post a more detailed explanation on what to do. I’m using a netgear router by the way.

For the record make sure the Netgear router you are using supports uPnp. I am 99,99% sure it is unless it is an old router. Check the manual for that.

What OS are you on?

Yes it does, I’ts enabled in the configuration. I’m using Windows XP Professional. My Comodo Firewall version is 3.14.

Hi Blomman88,

Have you read this guide here?

UPNP has to do with opening dynamic ports on your router and directed to your internal PC not with IP addresses.
The guide creates one ‘static’ port that get’s forwarded to your internal PC, and therefore you shouldn’t need UPNP.
You could but it’s more “complex” to firewall, and you can’t have CIS handle this traffic cause it’s not UPNP aware, so you can’t have a “stealth” firewall setup on CIS cause that would brake UPNP.

Hey. I’ve read the guide and followed the steps in the first post. I skipped configuring it for portforwarding though, as that requires a static ip, right? I’ve also turned off upnp in utorrent.

However the light is still red and complains that a router/firewall is limiting my network traffic and I still have problem connecting to peers in order to seed.

On the local LAN it does indeed, are you in control of the local network though? You could set your Router that your PC always get’s the same Internal IP address by using DHCP reservation for that.