Utorrent Still isnt Quite Right with CPF 3 [RESOLVED]

Hi .
I tried everything and spent 2 and a half hours trying to get utorrent to work properly with CPF 3, i created rules following steps on this forum and then created a global rule, let utorrent connect and CPF ask, i allowed It and said connect as “utorrent” i carefully followed all steps on here 100%
and it still has the orange triangle instead of the green light !

I’m behind a router (which works fine alone with utorrent) and i just cant figure it out.
All the rules are placed above block, inc global.
Even after telling CPF utorrent was “trusted” it still couldnt connect fully.

XP Pro Service Pack 2.

Thanks and sorry for all my questions.

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Poutine did you use the rules that pandlouk wrote?


Set up port forwarding on your router and assigned a static IP?..


Have you tried downloading Open Office?

Yes i did use pandlouks settings.
Tests show my router is fine with utorrent, port is open. !!
Install CPF3 and use pandlouks settings, make a global rule also and its no good. Port is now closed. !!
Frostwire works fine with no config however.

Without CPF3 i get…

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker. A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 35732 on…

OK! Port 35732 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

In some cases pandlouk’s manual doesn’t work (that one with port ranges 1025-65535).

Does utorrent work properly with CFP disabled?

If yes, then clear the CFP’s log and try to connect again then look into the log and if something is getting blocked - create a rule for it.

Or make screenshot of these log entries and upload it here, so we could see and give advice (don’t forget to edit image so nobody could see your IP address).

Yeh utorrent works ok with CPF disabled. My router is a “livebox” by the way with VOIP also. I remember in the logs last night that there were about 12 utorrent “blocked” logs all pointing to UDP.
I always need my PC fully operational, so i restored it from image on a zip drive. But later i will put CPF back on. I will leave it on here until this is resolved and also because its the weekend soon.
I will upload a screenshot if i need to.

OK Still NO GO !!!

Heres the screenshot.


Hope it helps. !!

OK, as for screenshot:
In which column your machine’s IP address is found? (destination IP or source IP)
I should have told “…don’t forget to edit image so nobody could see your IP address, but leave any other IP addresses”.

What entries do you have in global rules?

My ip address was in source. In Destination mixed.

In Global i had rules for allow TCP/UDP .In. Any Any port range 1025 - 65535.

I had more , but even scrapping them all and giving utorrent full access as trusted, still wouldnt work. Im behind a router, router gives full access to port 35732 .

I have spent so long on this that im about ready to give up.

By the way i cant have a static ip address.
And in utorrent “Enable upnp port mapping” has to be enabled in order for me to connect.

Now I can see that utorrent doesn’t work for you with all appropriate allow rules.
I can’t help you in this situation, sorry.

Maybe give it a try, though.

You know what !!
I had “Enable upnp port mapping” ticked in utorrent. Without that i couldnt connect without CPF :-[
I did the required port forwarding in my router now and i bet later when i put pandlouk’s rules in, it’ll work. Oh jeez. I guess actually having “Enable upnp port mapping” unticked is a more secure way to use it anyway ! Thanks.

Utorrent is now working with CPF 3 :smiley:
Funny thing tho, i made a rule for Frostwire and its in the “predifined Firewall Policy” list, under utorrent. When i ran Frostwire and went to choose “treat this application as” frostwire… it wasnt in the list !!! how come ?? Its in the PFP list, so why cant i choose it. ?

Can somebody out there help me before I go bald pulling my hair out trying to get CPF v to work with uTorrent!! I have tried the 5 rule, turned off UnP mapping, but still no joy!! Its driving me up the wall and I am getting ready to go back to 3.0.10 as I used to have no problems with that version. HELP!!! (:AGY) (:AGY)

Does utorrent.exe work properly if you set it as trusted application and remove all block entries in global rules?

to poutine:
BTW, I should have asked you this question ^ first of all. My fault.

Thats ok… can you help me with my request above homers ? Thank you.

Maybe this will help: run Frostwire, there will be alert, don’t choose “frostwire policy” now, choose outgoing only or another one, place a tick remember. Then try to edit Frostwire’s rules in network security policy, I mean try to apply your policy through edit dialog.

Makes sense :smiley: Thanks

It didnt work :frowning: frostwire keeps asking again and again.

I made the following rule.

Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : 7871

But everytime i launch frostwire it keeps asking for more !!!

Heres the log. only my ip address ones are blanked out.



And some of utorrent is still not working… i think ill forget about CPF for now, i have a router itll do.

My first question (I’m learning now on previous mistakes ;)):
Does frostwire work properly without asking you each time if you set it as trusted application and remove all entries in global rules?

If yes, maybe you’d like to try this ruleset for frostwire (without applying any predefined policy):
allow/udp/in/your router/any/any/any
block and log unmatching

Leave only one blocking entry in global rules for now:
block/icmp/in/any/any/echo request

Thanks for that, i noticed some of utorrent is still blocked though, even with port fowarding and pandlouks rules and global rules, im giving up for now, i just dont have the time for all this , it should be a whole lot easier. but i am keeping all your notes just in case. :wink:

Unless there are always supposed to be blocked items in the log form utorrent and frostwire i think

Utorrent is pretty much a no go if you have a router and CPF3, headache making in fact.

Hi folks,

It is sad to see that you have so much hassle making utorrent work properly. I have never had any problems with it.
Anyway I will post my configuration, maybe it can help others. To start with I have a router with upnp enabled + cfp3. Firewall is in train with safe mode, alert frequency at low(default).

First thing I do is run utorrent and click allow with remember on the popup from cfp asking for outgoing conncection.
After that I go to the preferences menu of utorrent and uncheck the ‘randomize port on each startup’. This is very important before continuing with the set up of cfp.


Next step is to add a global network rule to open up a port for utorrent. For me it was 40399 as you can see from the image. It was randomly generated by utorrent. But as I unchecked the randomization option this port wont change unless I do it. So open up ‘Network Security Policy’ in cfp and click ‘add’ in the top right corner.


The rule should look like this: Allow TCP or UDP in and on the destination port tab select ‘single port’ and add your port number specified in the utorrent setup. Leave all other settings at their default state.


My application rule of utorrent looks the following which was auto-created by answering popups(2):


You don’t need more than this if you are using cfp at its defaults to have the green checkmark in utorrent.
However, if you are using a router you should add it as a trusted network zone. If you don’t do this, upnp may not work thus utorrent wont be able to forward the port to your router. You can do this when installing cfp or later using the stealth ports wizard.