uTorrent. SOS.[Resolved]

I use uTorrent and I have problems with him. In the middle of status bar I see a icon what avert me what aren’t any incoming connections. Also my upload speed is only 0.1-0.2 Kb/s. I have read some topics on forume about this problem but I didn’t found any clear explications about WHICH RULE I have to create to resolve my problem. PLEASE give a COMPLETLY CLEAR explications what rule I have to create.

Try this. Go to the network monitor and add the following rule:

Allow TCP/UDP IN [ANY] [ANY] [ANY] [ANY or your utorrent port]

My upload speed increased but not very much and icon didn’t dissapeared.

You have to reboot brfore the rule works as it should maybe…
Is the rule ABOVE the default block rule?
If it isn’t, move it up.
Also go to your application rule for uTorrent, and in the misc tab, check the “skip advanced security check”.
Be sure that you have the same port in uTorrent and the firewall.
In uTorrent you should uncheck “random port”, and UPnP options.

I made the rule third in the list. I will reboot computer later (I am working). About results I will write later.

I rebooted computer. Icon doesn’t dissapear and upload speed remains to be very slow. HELP PLEASE!

Do you have the settings in uTorrent that I suggested?
Can you please post the log from CFP?
Go to activity/logs and right click somewhere in the log and export as html.
Copy and paste it in your post, or attach the html file.

Disable “UPNP” and the “random port” features in Utorrent

After reboot appeared many new reports. Look. I created rules how you recommended.

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pandlouk, i did that long ago.

What is litestep.exe ? It seems that interfears with utorrent

litestep is an alternative shell

Since you have a router, you have made a trusted zone?
You are using Litestep, so you have to have a rule that allow it,
or you can just try it out by going to application monitor to your uTorrent rules and choose “skip parent” and allow all activities for it, just to try it out.

About ICMP rules, there are a lot of opinions… :wink:
Some say that it’s dangerous to allow them, some say that it isn’t…
Personally (I’m behind a router) I have set up 3 extra rules in network monitor.
They are ICMP In Host and Port unreachable, and ICMP Out Port unreachable.

Sorry but I don’t know what is a router :-[. The “skip parent” I used before. Please describe details of your rules.

Your PC seems to be connected to a router.
You have an internal IP in your log.
Have you run the “create a new and trusted zone” wizard in security/tasks?

AOwL some ISPs like FastWeb in Italy use big LANs for their users. It could be reasky if he enable a trusted zone



How do your rules for uTorrent and Litestep look like?

fliker-09 please download FastStone Capture 5.1 and use it for taking an image of your network monitor tab.
It will help ups to understandif your rules are correct

Allow tcp or udp in/out any any allow invisible+skip advanced. Ok I will download now it.