Utorrent rules

Hi, I’ve recently noticed that I wasn’t able to seed properly on Utorrent. So I’ve gone thru the steps to make firewall rules, that’s done.
My problem now is this last part :

         "The new ruleset will be created and added as a Predefined Firewall ruleset. Start BitTorrent or Utorrent. When Comodo raises a pop-up alert, choose 'Treat this application as', select the descriptive name you gave for this rule (e.g. For allowing BitTorrent/Utorrent) from the options and select 'Remember my answer'."

When I start Utorrent, the firewall doesn’t ask, can anyone help me please?


Open the advanced settings, go to Firewall Settings > Application Rules > Find uTorrent, right-click uTorrent and click “Edit” - Tick “Use Ruleset” and then in the drop-down menu choose your ruleset and then click OK on all windows.

Thanks, but as you can see in the screen shot, I don’t see Utorrent in the application rules, unless I’m in the wrong place

[attachment deleted by admin]

Most likely uTorrent is a trusted application and you have the firewall set to Safe Mode (Which means it will automatically allow trusted applications, if you want it to alert for applications you could set it to Custom Ruleset) So in the Application Rule window, right-click anywhere in the list and click Add, in the new window you should see “Name:” then a field and then next to that “Browse” - Click “Browse” and then “Files” then find the uTorrent.exe application and then click “Open”*** then follow the steps I mentioned previously to set the ruleset it will use.

*** If you can’t find the location of uTorrent.exe then you could first launch uTorrent then instead go to “Browse” then “Running Processes” then find the uTorrent.exe in the list and high-light it and click “OK”

Ok, I did everything in the previous post, still nothing. I decided to start a new torrent, and it didn’t even connect to download. I then went back and removed the uTorrent entry from the Application Rules window. Then away went the download/uploading at an impressive speed. Once the download finished, the seeding stopped, straight away, with no connection!

Any ideas greatly appreciated?


I’m running uTorrent very successfully with CIS7. In the firewall application rules add an entry for utorrent and add the following two rules:

Allow TCP or UDP In from MAC any to MAC any where source port is any and destination port is [your uTorrent port]

Allow TCP or UDP Out from MAC any to MAC any where source port is any and destination port is any

Block In/Out from MAC any to MAC any where protocol is any