Utorrent problem

Every time I start up Utorrent I get a pop-up (sometimes two) saying:

Utorrent is trying to receive a connection from the internet
Remote: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - UDP
Port: 50617

Every time I allow this it creates a new rule “Allow IP In From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any”. I’ve tried using several different rule-sets, the ones at https://forums.comodo.com/frequently_asked_questions_faq_for_comodo_firewall/tutorial_for_utorrent_with_comodo_firewall_3-t15677.0.html Ultima’s guide and some other but I get the same problem. Before I tried out the rules I had just approved Utorrent’s connection to the Internet and it worked fine for me and after the second time I started it I never got another popup about it but I wanted it to be somewhat more secure.

Did you make sure you unticked the “remember” option when it asks whether to allow or deny?

The Remember option is pre-selected every time I get the popup.

Well in order to make it a one off allow-deny, untick the remember option everytime you wish to do it the once. And when you next get a alert from a known/trusted app that you want to allow all the time. Click remember and so on…

Hope this helped.

Sorry, I wasn’t entirely clear in my original post but right now I’m using Ultima’s rules and I still get those popups. Since I doubt it’s intended to be like that (and I don’t get it on any other program) I want to know how to get it to actually obey the fact that I’ve clicked remember.

I don’t get what the problem is. That’s exactly what happened to me the first time I started uTorrent after installing CIS. I got the same popup,allowed it, and everything has been fine since. No more popups and uTorrent works perfectly. To me, that’s what you want.

Every time I start the program I get a popup even if I clicked the remember option. It’s fairly annoying that it keeps coming up.

That shouldn’t be happening. What mode is D+ in?

On the main screen of the firewall it says: The Defense+ security level is set to Safe Mode.

This is what I would try. Delete all of the current rules for uTorrent, both in the Firewall and in D+. Then change the mode of D+ to Clean PC, start up uTorrent and click allow when it asks about receiving a connection and anything else it asks about. Let it run for a few minutes and then close it down. Then try it again and see what happens.

If that doesn’t do the trick then you’ll have to talk with someone who’s more knowledgable about connection problems than I am. I only know what has worked for me.

I tried doing what you suggested and it works but I don’t want to have Comodo set on Clean PC since I consider this to be somewhat less safe. When I turned D+ back to Safe Mode it started asking about Utorrent every startup again.

I don’t know if it makes any difference but the drive I run Utorrent from is an encrypted TrueCrypt volume which might not be counted as a fixed drive by the firewall, could this be part of the problem?

You hit the nail on the head. Because it is not seen as a fixed drive CIS will only remember the rules for the session. When you reboot or log off it will forget.

OK, then I at least know the reason. I’ll probably move it to another drive then.

Thank you for the help all of you.

I (and everyone else) try my best. :stuck_out_tongue: