Utorrent port forwarding

How do I open a single port that I’ve forwarded in my router so I get a green check instead of yellow or red in the utorrent app. I know I ;ve forwarded the port properly in my roter but it appears that I’m not getting incomings through said port because there is none showing on Summary page. There has to be a standard setting for opening a port on Comodo, I’m just missing it and I had it set before, but my memory to the setting is evading me. On the stealth ports wizard I thought it was working on the block all incoming connections for everyone, but that is just what it’s doing so that can’t be the right setting. HELP?

Follow this guide to setup utorrent with the firewall

Are you asking me to follow that first set and if so should I stealth my ports for everyone before I begin these rules? The list is a bit outdated according to the Comodo Firewall I’m using, but I’m still able to create the rules.

im asking you to follow the whole guide. it will setup utorrent correctly so that it runs without interruption but keeps your computer protected from attacks.

the guide was written a while back but still applys to the latest version

I have followed the setup rules that you guided me to by “pandlouk” (5 rules) and I noticed on the Summary page after the rules were set up that there were no “incominng” connections at all. Then I went and changed the stealth ports to the “individual cases” setting and noticed about 200 incoming connections on a torrent I was running in Uttorrent. Then I took out the rules but left the setting I had in stealth ports to individual cases and noticed that I still had all the incoming connections. So that leads me to ask, why do I need the rules for Utorrent if you can get the same results by just using the “individual cases” setting on stealth ports? I know the writer of the rules,“pandlouk” notes at the end of his tutorial that if you have connectivity problems that you should use the setting of “stealthing the ports on a case by case basis”, but he doesn’t say whether you should keep the rules or delete them. I’m not trying to be difficult, I just want the proper settings without a lot of un necessary rules included.

if you keep the rules from the guide, comodo firewall will filter out everything according to the rules (from top to bottom) automatically without you having to answer allow or block for every connection. if you dont have these rules you will have to allow or block all the incoming and outgoing connections (depending on your firewall settings)

How about the stealth port settings? Should I keep the case by case setting. This is the only one that gives me incoming connections on the “Summary page”. If I set the stealth ports for everyone I get no incoming connections,( that according to the summary page on Comodo) but the icon in the Utorrent tray stays green which I find strange. The Outgoing connections are plentiful. Why won’t the incoming connections work with just the rules? You would think that the rules would be enough and I could keep the ports stealthed. Are you getting what I’m trying to explain? I find that I’m all over the place in this thread.

yes you should keep your ports stealthed on a per case basis.

idk why it wouldnt work with any other stealth settings. maybe some other user with more knowledge of the firewall can help more

It really shouldn’t make any difference which options you choose from the Stealth Ports Wizard, if you have valid inbound connections, they should be displayed on the summary screen and in the Firewall/Active Connections Viewer.

All I want is for these rules to be in the right section. Right now I have them in “Netwoork Security Policy (see sceenshot) under Pre-defined Policies” Could that be why I don’t see the incoming connections in the Summary page? Maybe the rules should be in Application or Global? I’m enclosing Snips of what my incoming rule looks like. Maybe you can see something wrong there.

I created a single global rule for utorrent to allow TCP IN to my port in utorrent and moved it all the way to the top in Global Rules. Now I have incoming connections, but I don’t know if I did the right thing even though it works, so could one of tou smart guys give me a heads up on this move. Here’s a screen too

Just to make things clear, you need firewall application rules for the utorrent.exe process and you need firewall global rules to open the appropriate port. Take a look through this guide.

This is the most up to date and thorough tutorial for setting up Utorrent properly. Very easy to understand and didn’t miss a thing. As I’ve used it already I can attest to the fact that everything is a go. Very nice and Major Props to Radaghast.
Just to be fair, the other tutorials were written good and all, but they are way out of date and are giving instructions to things and settings that are no longer a part of the Comodo Firewall. As far as steering people in the right direction that is.
This tutorial should be used as the prime tutorial for Utorrent setup. Well written and easy to understand and most important, it is up to date. Thank you to all who helped me to get going with the proper setup.