utorrent - Port 5351, Nat-Pmp?

I have been searching and reading and searching and reading some more, unfortunately to no avail.

I am getting an alert while using uTorrent that it is trying to connect to port 5351. Research shows that this is for Nat-PMP port mapping. Of which there is an option in utorrent to enable/disable.

If I disable Nat-PMP port mapping, I do not get this alert. However, it seems that it is something that I would desire to be enabled.

My question is: Should I be adding a new rule to allow this port traffic? There is no rule in the guide found here.

If so what would the rule look like, and what position should it be?

Usually uTorrent will use Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) for port mapping. NAT-PMP is an Apple protocol according to Wikipedia. I guess it comes in handy when you have an Apple Airport in your network f.e…

There is a also a contradiction. Allowing it in uTorrent and blocking with the firewall will still result in no NAT-PMP. Might as well disable it in uTorrent?:wink:

Actually, after reading more of that “Tutorial” thread, I switched to using Ragwing’s rules and I no longer get the alert. (Option 2)

Thank you for the response anyway.