Utorrent on a wifi connect????

I just switched to this FW and cannot seem to configure comodo correctly so that port forwarding (which has already been done to router) will give me the green checkmark in utorrent.
Do I have to specify the router ip as well as my own? With my previous fw (outpost) all I had to do was configure the router to match the client.
If utorrent can’t use the udp protocol with trackers, then I see no reason to allow it in comodo rules.
I gave it all access and still could not get a green light although I could still use it.

I have 3 rules now:

1 - udp in/out is blocked (because utorrent cannot use this protocol with torrents)
2 - tcp in is allowed to one port (per my utorrent/router config) and is allowed
3 - tcp out is allowed

The website I go to will usually tell me if I am ‘connectable’, ie a green check markt. As I have blocked all udp protocol, the website does not tell me anything about being connectible.
I am beginning to think there really is a ‘security’ issue with utorrent if I can still use it (without the green check mark) with my strict rules in comodo. Actually I think there is something I am missing in regards to how the web works with tcp/udp protocols and utorrent.
Does anyone have a clue? I sure as hell don’t.

Oh and the config where tcp/udp in to specified port allowed
and tcp/udp out allowed doesn’t work either.

good day.

  1. modify your network rules pertaining tcp-udp, allow it. udp is responsible for dht.
  2. you can further customize utorrent in application control in parallel w/ comodo firewall pro (source ip, destination ip, etc…).
    3. go to cfp>task>add/remove/modify a zone. add or edit your zone & its particular current start & end ranges.
  3. customize utorrent - uncheck randomized port & enable unpnp port mapping.
  4. reboot
  5. test for security issues at grc.com or any leaktest providers in the net. (so far no particular security issue/s for me in all the tests)

you should see the port forwarding icon below the utorrent app in green…


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Try this link: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6167.msg45504.html#msg45504 It has details about Network Monitor rules creation for p2p apps like utorrent. It’s in a locked topic, so there’s no replies or responses, just info for easy reading. The bold red heading for each p2p app-type links to the original post where you can ask any questions.

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