uTorrent is Green

Well i finally got around to figuring out my uTorrent problems tonight. Comodo wasn’t to blame. I fully uninstalled Comodo and delete all registry entires on both my laptop and desktop. Fired up uTorrent and it still wasnt gree. Ummm. Why is thsi? So I went into my 2Wire Gateway DSL modem firewall settings and added uTorrent to port forward on port 1641. uTorrent still didnt turn green. I unplugged my modem for 30 secs and shutdown my desktop and laptop. I restarted my modem and both pc’s. Once again fired up uTorrent and I had a green light. :BNC. So then I installed the latest Comodo and uTorrent is still green. I am a happy camper.

I’ve heard elsewhere that it’s good practice to power-cycle DSL modems about once a week. Naturally, I’m too lazy to do it, but maybe I should reconsider even though I don’t use P2P applications.

It maybe happened because the modem wasn’t restarted, so that the new rule to forward port 1641 could be applied. I’m using a router myself, and I’ve never had any problems with it (since it restarts itself when you change something in configuration).


Should I keep it 1641 or randomly change it?

It’s all over the net that it’s better to pick a high-numbered port like 30000+ to avoid potential applications that use the lower ones

Thanks SOY I will to that right now.

Myself, I prefer choosing a port that’s 30,000+ & easy to remember and spot among a long list of in/outs - ie; 31313

It helps me w/troubleshooting and creating rules.

My port is now 53867. Honestly speaking I never paid attention to the green light back when i was using ZAP. my downloads always worked but where slow. (J)

The green check can be beautiful if you haven’t seen it in a while.
My current configs w/ Utor and CFP are stellar, wicked fast and allowing all that it should while blocking the rest…I’m very happy with Comodo right now. (L)