utorrent doesn't work well with CIS even config with lots of sets.

First, thanks for good jobs of CIS. But I have some problem with CIS5.0 (also 4).

I search some information about how to make utorrent work well with some config.

I’ve tried different sets for utorrent, but seems there’re no correct rules for utorrent.
Are there any really useful and correct rules for utorrent?
(There’re at least 3 or 4 sets rules for utorrent announced fit for utorrent, none work!)
I feel a little angry, I ever made some my own rules for other program, but about utorrent,
seems I can do nothing except disable the CIS firewall, and then the speed is as usual.

Whenever I open the firewall, the network test of utorrent will fail, the speed is really low.

Anyway, wish there’s really useful rules.
(I’ve tried tcp, udp, In/out, even icmp, I made every rule correctly, move them at the top of block rules, still doesn’t work at all ! That made me almost mad.)

Wish some one can share correct rules for utorrent.
Besides, I noticed that windows XP seems work better with CIS. even under default!
But, Windows 7-64bit (or 32) usually, the same rules or self-rules, can only get the lower speed and more limit! too bad!

Use this set of rules for uTorrent. Make one small change, though. Rule 4, change ‘Ask’ to ‘Allow’
I have been using these with great results.

Yes, thanks. But I’ve tried this post by #001 pandlouk.
Seems still doesn’t work well.

Always the utorrent networks show “yellow”, it should be green.
Really eager to solve it, before CIS5.0, CIS4.1 seems work better.
I’m not sure if it’s because of Win7 64bit (32), but I really wanna make useful rules for utorrent.

Thank u for your help.

The yellow triangle icon means no incoming connections have been received yet. This icon doesn’t automatically mean something is wrong unless it remains yellow while you are actively seeding (upload speed > 0). Just in case you could delete current rules and use “Define a new trusted application” under the “Firewall” tab and select uTorrent.

But still doesn’t work well.

I just just try it again, I disable firewall, the speed is ok. But as soon as I enable the firewall, speed down!
I’ve tried different config and rules, even including some global Rules according to some information of this forum. Still can’t work!!!

I’m really confuse! Before I post my question, I’ve tried some rules including some information of this forum.
None of them can work for utorrent!

I don’t wanna uninstall and try other security software.

Anyone who can help? Lots users like comodo so much. Why not show a real useful document for question like it.

I check the whole rules and config make sure it’s right, but until now I only get hopeless!
Delete old rules, create new rules for utorrent, only win a very poor speed, again!

here is a post with utorrent test photo, I have the same problem, even worse, often. the bandwidth and network test fail, especially the network test, always show me a amazing red!

Seems CIS works better with XP, same networks connection, even under default config, or just make allow, then works well.
But under Windows 7 64bit (also 32), I’m still trying to solve this problem, wish comodo can make a rules or config deal with utorrent problem.

Can you show me a screenshot of your Global Rules?

Can you describe the application rule you made for uTorrent in the following format:

Source Address:
Destination Address:
Source Port:
Destination Address:

Hi, I tried some rules, for instance: pandlouk’s post!
Also including other post from this forum.

I noticed, CIS5.0 works with VPN may lead speed down, I already wrote a post try to explain it.
(1)Windows XP seems ok. CIS4.1. works well! with default rules or just config ordinary allow.
(2)Windows 7 64bit(32), CIS5.0, disable firewall will get normal speed, but enable firewall, can’t download as usual!
So I guess, that may have some relationship with new software security design.
I really wish it can works well when utorrent run with VPN as it used to be.
here is the link: