uTorrent does not works when CF is enabled [resolved]

Congratulations for firewall version 2.4
I have download and installed the new version but now uTorrent does not work when firewall is enabled.

i am forced to disable the firewall to use uTorrent.
even after i add it to trusted applications it does not works.

is there any way to let some specefic ports to be opened?


You can find an answer in the FAQ section.

First you need to go in to your settings in uTorrent.
Uncheck the “use random ports” option.
Uncheck the “enable UPnP” option.
Set the port you would like to use. Lets say that we use port 54789.
Now, save your settings and close uTorrent.

Open the firewall (double click the sys tray icon).

Network monitor works like a router, so you have to “forward” port(s),
like you do in a router, for apps like Torrent/P2P.

Go to Network monitor (security/network monitor).
Right click on your block rule and add/add before.
Do these settings.

Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any (or zone if you have one)
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : 54789

Click OK.
Start uTorrent and give it a few minutes before you think it doesn’t work.

If it doesn’t seem to work, restart CF or reboot your PC.

Always remember to place your allow rules you make, above the default block rule.
Network monitor reads the rules from the top to the bottom.

Also check the log in activity/logs and try to see which rule that blocks your app.

I just tried to set Protocol to “TCP” and Direction to “In”, but I wonder if it is good or I should do “TCP/UDP In”…?

I have another question: “Is there a difference (in term of security protection) if we create that rule (for uTorrent for example) before the “Block & Log” rule or before the first rule?”

uTorrent needs UDP In as well to work, so TCP/UDP In is what I have.

The difference is it depends on what other rules you currently have. If you have just the defaults then this particular rule should not matter whether you placed at the very top or just on top of the block all (last) rule. Remember: the order of priority takes place from top to bottom.

it works now :-).

I’m glad that it works for you now.
I will put resolved on this topic, and lock it.