uTorrent connection problems [Resolved]

First off (R)

Ok to the point, when Comodo Firewall is on I get this:

But with it turned off:

I have my router setup properly otherwise I wouldn’t get a green icon. I used portforward.com to setup it up and I used it to setup Comodo Firewall. But it doesn’t seem to have opened it all the way. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Any is appreciated, thank you.

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Regarding utorrent, have you seen this thread in the FAQ:

Emule and bittorent tuttorials

Essentially you will need to set some rules in Network Monitor, which will allow TCP and UDP IN and possibly OUT. The port you will need to open is defined in utorrent on the Preferences/Connect page.


I already did what that tutorial explains. It is similar to the portforward.com one. Yet still I get this problem. I don’t think it really effects that much but would be great to get it fixed.

  • Disable UPNP in uTorrent
  • Don’t randomize the incoming port each uTorrent starts
  • Create at least this basic network rule:
    Allow ~ TCP/UDP In ~ From Any source ~ To Any Destination/Zone/Your Computer ~ Where Destination Port is the assigned uTorrent incoming port

If that still fails, post a sample of your logs or rule screenshots here.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys, I really appreciate it. Still having the problem though so;

Here are the rules:


And here is the log:


Thanks for the pics. I almost immediately spotted the problem with the first pic: your newly added rules are at the bottom. Network Monitor rules are prioritized from top to bottom. This is an important fact to remember. Currently, your block all IP In/Out rule #5 prevents the bottom 2 rules from being effective because it blocks everything. Always place the block all rule at the bottom.

Hi Makou107,

I get the same problem no matter how many ways I have tried to configure CPF, but I have given up being bothered by it. As you first post shows you are still uploading and downloading, so if you are on a torrent network that requires share ratios all is fine.

If you are using Windows XP Pro (can’t comment on any of the other OS’s) check your event viewer and you will probably see numerous enteries showing you have exceeded the number of ports that the system is capable of opening, which is where part of the problem arrises.


Paris, what you referred to is the TCP outgoing connections capped by XP Service Pack 2 (once again, thanks to MS for that 88)).

“Windows XP SP2 limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts per second to 10 from an “unlimited” number (16777214) in SP1”

Source: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/OptimizeXP.html

In order to resolve that, you have to patch your TCPIP.SYS file. Don’t worry, it’s not a virus as I myself have patched this a long time ago to speed up (more like restore) my downloads: www.LvlLord.de - Tipps, Tricks & Utilities - Downloads

Soyabeaner, I’m not sure if it happened immediately or even if it somehow turned green while I was away but it has! Thanks so much! Also I’m going to use that patch as well. Very helpful, can’t thank you enough and everyone else. Great community!

Thanks soyabeaner for the link and patch.

The funny thing with (whatever)torrents that you’ll get some attackers with red mark anyway and the only way i could fix the cpf self-defense’s no-network problems is to create deny rules for those IP addresses.

Glad it’s working for you. Since this issue is resolved, the topic will be closed unless someone needs to contact us to open it again.