Utorrent configurations for Comodo Firewall 6.2

I have installed Comodo free firewall 6.2 because I always had success with the older Comodo. The only thing I really need is a step by step tutorial on Utorrent and opening a port to use it. There are older tutorials around with the rules, but the new Comodo free firewall is not like the older ones. There is no pre-defined policies for one, I just can’t seem to get started with this version to make good rules for using Utorrent. I hope someone can find the time to show me how to set this up for use with Utorrent.


Thank you my friend. That was simple and to the point and it works like a charm. Test drove it right away. The older versions I had to make a total of 11 rules between application and global. Thank God for this version and simplicity. Once again Thanks!! ;D

You are welcome.
Thank Modes and Developers.

Thank you Jenny - you are my hero for the day! :wink: