Utorrent configuration question


I am a new user of the Comodo Firewall and I have recently configured it for Utorrent with this guide: https://forums.comodo.com/guides-cis/firewall-tutorial-for-utorrent-with-comodo-internet-security-t15677.0.html.

Is this guide still up to date or do you recommend another one?

Anyways, I did not disable “Do Protocol analysis” and I did not choose “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis” in the Stealth Ports Wizard. ( I use "Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone).

Utorrent still works fine and I can still get the same speeds I got before when using Windows Firewall.

In terms of security is this a better configuration or do you recommend sticking to the guide on those two settings?

Also, I did not port forward my router for utorrent. It worked anyway. The utorrent setup guide says that my port is open. I never did this with the old windows firewall either.

And another thing lol, in Utorrent when I click on an active torrent it says “(0 in swarm)” under the Info tab even though there are loads of people connected. Maybe this last question belongs in the official utorrent forums so you can just ignore it.


Windows Firewall by default allows all outgoing connections and only protects against unwanted incoming traffic.

I also use block incoming option and manually create allow rules in global, keeps pop ups quiet. :slight_smile:

As for the 0 in swarm it probably depends on DHT traffic.

Okey, So my settings are fine even though I didn’t followed the guide entirely?

Thanks for the help.