uTorrent & Comodo - Security Questions + Setup

Based on Ragwing’s utorrent guide found HERE could someone tell me what the point of the following is in Option 2:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Description: Allow incoming traffic for uTorrent
Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Your IP/MAC or Any
Source Port: 1025-65535
Destination Port: uTorrent-port

  • For the source port, could we not put the port that we have set in uTorrent alone or do we have to use the entire range of ports as shown above? Is this a security issue at all doing it in the way above?

-Also, seeing as my uTorrent ‘seems’ to be downloading pretty fast right now and I’m having incoming connections without having to set any rules as stated in Ragwing’s guide…does that mean my firewall isn’t working properly?

-I don’t have uTorrent in trusted applications, however I noticed that I do have the trust digitally signed applications setting checked, and have never been asked by comodo what to do when I first ran uTorrent after installing comodo.

-uTorrent shows a green checkmark in it’s bar saying the network is OK, however when I run the uTorrent test to see if everything is configured properly, it says that my port is not open but I can still download (yellow checkmark in the test window)

Main thing is to be as secure as possible. Any help would be great!


The ports 0-1024 are called Privileged Ports. Most of Windows network related functions are in that port range. It is a security measure.