uTorrent Comodo Firewall Guide

Is it ironic? I am not very familiar with the torrent protocol.

Regarding the steps on the first page, is it normal after setting everything up that a port probe at grc.com shows the port as open? I realize the port needs to be open to uTorrent, but does that mean it’s open to anyone who cares to look? And is that a security issue, ie. should I close the global rule when I’m not using uTorrent?

yes and yes and yes ;D

Ok, good to know. :-TU

hey guys, i uses utorrent just with two rules: allow all outgoing and block-log all unmatching requests. Protocol analysis is enabled and it works

In my post that was forwarded here a few days ago, I explained that I have the exact problem as you.

I went into the main menu and switch it over to the uTorrent policy, but after a short while it keeps asking me what to treat the program as in the same dialogue, and there is no uTorrent found in the drop down list. The entry still exist in the configuration.

Yes I like your style, you bad frog you!

But… why not set it up through the Predefined Security Policies? With “my port sets” and “my network zones” for the uTorrent listening port and the mac adress? Doesn’t work? Or is it just because it is more convenient for you to explain this way?

Thanks for the tip - now lets see if it works.