utorrent/Comodo causing was too high CPU load

this worked perfectly on XP, but on Windows 7, with uTorrent 2.1 Beta & Comodo 3.12.111745.560 using uTorrent is practically unbearable, due to very high CPU. Sorry, i already searched the forums, but most threads seem to be quite outdated. Does anyone know, how to configure Comodo (or uTorrent) not to cause such an immense load?

1.Windows 7 edtion and build number?

2.X64? X86?

3.What kind of Antivirus do you use? CAV?

4.Do your use D+?

Seven x64 RTM and utorrent Version 2.0 Beta (buid 17127) works like a charm here.
FW and D+ in Safe Mode.
I’ll try 2.1 tonight though.

Installing the older version 1.8.3 solved the problem, CPU usage is normal now