Utorrent and svchost.exe

There are many connections using svchost.exe for utorrent. How should I configure COMODOl to handle these connections?


I’m not 100% sure but i think windows uses svchost.exe to contact teredo servers. If this is the case it should be safe to allow, or you could also just disable teredo and it shouldn’t have these connections anymore.

Yes, but how should I allow it? There are connections from different IPs and they are using different ports.

YES, you should allow it!
svchost.exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Service Host Process. This could also be a stealth monitoring software that sits in the background and tracks all activities such as keyboard input (including websites visited, passwords etc.) This information can be sent to third parties through email or ftp uploads. If you block this program you will not be able to start Windows again.

Its necessarily to clean your registry too!!!