uTorrent and port 39474

Before Comodo I used Norton 2k6 but then it expired so I was looking for some alternative.
I hate KERIO, so after some searching I found Comodo - I´ve installed it and I am quite happy with it.

Yet, when I start uTorrent it keeps telling me that port 39474 seems not to be open.

I tried to make a rule in Comodo, but result is the same. Only “solution” is to “Allow all” traffic, which is not quite safe :).

If anybody knows answer, I am eager to hear it.

thank you
Jiri Kafka

This is the rules I have:

Create a rule in “Network Monitor”:
From IP Any
To IP Any (or you can put your IP here if you want)
Source port Any
Destination Port 39474

You will get a couple of popups coming from “Application Monitor” when you start downloading with uTorrent asking for different parents that want to start uTorrent (browser for example if you click a link at a torrent site)

After this port 39474 will only be open when uTorrent runs.
I assume you have unticked the option to randomize port in the uTorrent settings and entered 39474 as the only port to use.

Can you please post details of the rule you created?

Action : ?
Protocol : ?
Direction : ?
Remote IP : ?
Destination IP : ?
Remote port : ?
Destination port : ?
Misc. : ?

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

the same configuration as stated above - and nothing…

anybody was success with utorrent and comodo?

a-ha! there is a rule to block EVERYTHING by default - when I switch this rule off, it goes smoothly
so all I have to do is create some kind of exception …

what if I switch this rule (number 5 by default) off, would it be unsafe?

I’ve used uTorrent and CPF together for aloooong time now. I’ve never had any issue’s with it. You may want to go into uTorrents options and set the port to another, or make it random.

have you tried searching the port # on google? maybe it is associated with something.

Hello Kafka,

the BLOCK ALL rule should always be present and be the lowermost rule,
your rule for utorrent should be above this rule.
Try checking utorrents settings, set the port to the fixed one and check that you have disabled “randomize port each time”.
If it doesn’t work, check what is logged when you start utorrent.

That worked for me.


As mjpm says, make sure that the allow rule you made is above the block rules in the network monitoring list. So if your “block all” rule is number 5 then the allow rule for utorrent should be 4
or 3, 2, 1 but not 6 since CPF reads the rules from top to bottom 0, 1, 2, 4, and so on. Number 5 (in your case) wont let anything past to the the rule 6, that is why “block all” rule must reside in the bottom of the list.
I think that is your problem if you did created the rule as I posted above.

Thats it my good fellas! it Works! so the order of rules was the key!

thank you all gladly, comodo rulez!
Jiri Kafka

Did this for uTorrent on a different fixed port. No luck the port has been used by me as standard with uTorrent. No connections are set up and everything turns red… The rule is high enough in the list.

The application rule is set to allow everything including invisible connections.

Turned off CPF. Started uTorrent again, everything turned red again (against anticipation by me). After adding a new torrent this however did start downloading. Closed uTorrent again, started CPF and started uTorrent once again. It now seems to be able to connect with the Internet… ???

I also changed the setting for the application rule to skip the parent, maybe that does make a difference as wel.

Fingers crossed.

Bittorent will work even when TCP In is not allowed, but only at lower speed.
TCP can be established from your PC, but not from someone sharing the torrent.

instead of entering your ip (line 3: To IP) u can enter the name of your computer. of course, the hostname, not a nickname like “machine form hell” or “my dahlin”. :wink:
this establishes maximum security, because only YOUR actual ip is allowed for traffic. important, if you have a dynamic ip.

The network rule actually only needs the TCP \ UDP in port “your used port” , not outbound, and follow this guidelines in the application rules.

might need a loopback rule
allow utorrent tcp\udp in “your port”
allow utorrent tcp out 80, 1024-65535
allow utorrent udp out 53, 80, 1024-65535
deny utorrent tcp out 0-79, 81-1023
deny utorrent udp out 0-52, 54-79, 81-1023

Deny rules are basically deny all tcp\udp out at the end of the other rules.