Utorrent and Comodo Firewall V3 Help

Hi I’ve read the tutorial in regarding to setting up Utorrent with Comodo Firewall.

I wonder if I have set it up rightly btw I was using Comdo 2.4 that was fine but it was to annoying with all the program alerts ect

Well I basically

Created the Rule for Utorrent

Action - Allow
Protocol TCP or UDP
Direction - In/Out

Source Address Any

Source Port Range

Start Port 1025

End Port 65535

Followed by the port number in utorrent

is that the correct way of setting this up?

Many thanks


Can Anyone advise me here please?

Utorrent is telling me that my port of it is not “open” I check in the firewall event log and it shows as blocked how do I get past this problem??

Did you port forward your modem\router ?

Yeah I did, although now the good news I’m on a new ISP, No Port Blocking or Traffic Shaping and a fixed IP Addy let me tell what I’ve got.

In My Router Setup Page (Netgear DG834 Router)


Utor1 TCP/UDP 39237

Firewall Rules:

Utorrent there are Both Allowed Inbound and Out Bound with the Lan Server/ Ip Addy as my Router

I hope that is right so far??

Comodo Firewall Setup:

In the Network Policy Option Utorrent is at the top of the list Treat as “Trusted Application”

Pre-Defined Firewall Polices:

In there I have Utorrent:

"Utorrent Configuration TCP or UDP “In” To my Fixed IP Addy Followed by my Utorrent Port Number

"Utorrent Configuration TCP or UDP “Out” To my Fixed IP Addy Followed by my UTurrent Port Number

A Moment or so ago I had the “Yellow Triangle” Utorrent Port Not Opened!! ???
In the event of that happening again what should I do??

Closed Utorrent I’m no seeing the Green Triangle!!


Rob :slight_smile:

I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL Modem with a hardware firewall. I simply port forward the 1 port uTorrent suggested which was 53867, in and out. I also has to restart my modem. Then I ran the stealth port wizard inn Comodo for the P2P option. That is my only global rule. Then I launched uTorrent and made it trusted. Presto green light.

Guys this has come back again.

Using the latest version of Comodo, I can’t get the “Green Tick”

I’ve done all the above on what I did, I have reason to believe its the “Stealth Ports” feature

“Allert me to incoming connections - stealth my ports on a pear to pear bases”

I try to do that and the “next” is grayed out.

Any Ideas here???

Its grayed out cause thats the option you already have. Take a look at your global rules. You will see the P2P rule there. I don’t think its Comodo cause I first set up uTorrent without Comodo installed and made sure it turned green. Then I installed Comodo and still green. I dont use any rules for uTorrent. Its just set to custom under the firewall tab. You can try deleting your current global rule then running the stealth port wizard again.