utorrent and 3.10 connection issues.

Anyone else having a problem with uTorrent not displaying a green signal with 3.10?

I deleted my rules and recreated them, but still I only get the orange triangle.

utorrent 1.8.3 (latest version) works fine here (green signal) but I see that the number of the incoming/outgoing connections grows continually and is never reset
I posted this bug in the dedicated thread

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to go through this step by step…

Well this has me baffled! For the life of me I cannot get uTorrent to give me a ‘green light’ in the status bar. Also, when I use the option in the speed guide to test if the port is forwarded properly, I get the error page.

The weird thing is, uTorrent is working just the way it always has on my system. The speed is consistent, very few hashfails (none at all the last few torrents) very little waste, too.

I’ve tried just about everything I can think of:

(No router at the moment, it died and needs to be replaced so it’s just the firewall.)

Removed and reinstalled uTorrent (tried different versions - stable and beta.
Removed and recreated my firewall rules using different uTorrent ports
Removed IPfilers

The only strange log entries, which are new, to me at least, since 3.10 are ICMP Type 3 codes 10 and 13. I never used to get these under 3.9.

Any ideas?

I never get the green signal and bittorrent still works and does not die.

However the firewall seems to be blocking a lot more stuff in 3.10

I get the green okay symbol almost immediately with utorrent 1.8.2 and the number of connections resets immediately after closing it.

I’ve just tested uTorrent, with & without UPnP, on a single static port and it seems to work just fine. The connection status turned green within a few minutes (slightly quicker using UPnP).

[i]PS On my old dial-up connection, the connection status rarely ever turned green. Never did find out why & it never seemed to impact uTorrent anyway.

PPS Correction, I did find out the reason. My previous ISP stuck me behind a transparent proxy & that’s why it rarely turned green.


I have green now, just took 2 days…

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: