usnsvc.exe in the processes [Resolved]

what is usnsvc.exe?? it was not there in the processes. but today it is there in the processes. what should i do??

Have you tried Google?

i googled and found out that it is something related to msn messenger (ref - processlibrary) but bleepingcomputer forum defines it as some kind of malware.

Please upload the file to Virustotal and COMODO CIMA and post the results. :slight_smile:

quick question about comodo CIMA, I have a file that is obviously malware and virus total reports it as malware, but when I submit it to comodo cima it says it is safe. Why is that?


CIMA results

simply because CIMA is not perfect yet. it is still being worked on, but it gives a good idea most of the time

ok thanks for the response, for now I’ll just submit them for analysis the old fashioned way. :smiley:

It’s a process that has to do with messenger. What you should do is start your pc. Then check the processes running through the task manager (make sure messenger does not run on startup). If after that you see that specific process running then there is a good chance that it may be malware. If you startup messenger eventually you’ll see the process running and even after you stop using messenger you may still see the process running.

thanxx lostcause you are right. its not there in the processes when system is restarted and messenger is not running. thanxx got the point cleared.


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