Using wiper in Comodo system cleaner decreased free space on my disc. Help!

I use Windows Seven on Acer desktop. After using wiper of the Comodo System Cleaner I discovered that I lost about 1oo GB of free disc space. Before using wiper I had about 280 GB free disc space. After wiping free space I have about 180 GB free space left on my disc. A System Restore didn’t solve the problem for me. Please can someone help me? I think I must have done something stupid. Cheers, Andre


Apparently, Wiper didn’t manage to complete its process. This can be caused by a system restart you had to do or any other operation of this kind that had stopped the wiping process. While the wiping process takes place, the user shouldn’t perform any other major operations on that particular drive or partition that would stop the Wiper module from completing its job.

Please follow this steps in order to get back your free space:

  1. Enable the view of hidden files on your computer
  2. Go to the partition you selected to wipe free space, and you should find a file name Wipe.
  3. Delete this file permanently (not just to Recycle Bin) and you will have your free space back.

Thank you for your support.

This happened to me also, i just ran the wiper module again and it was fine after.