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At this time, on the main page, protection strength is set to bad. Under security monitoring, everything is set to off and I’m unable to turn anything on.

Hi gamekid, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Did you have a different firewall installed prior to installing CFP? Also, when you installed CFP, did you have any other security (AS, AM, AV HIPS etc.) applications running?

More often than not, CFP will behave in the way you described above, when the installation has run into problems.

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To answer your questions, I had to reinstall windows a few months back and I did not have any firewall up. I used macfee which I found out the hard way by reviews that it was horrible so I decided to switch. The comodo firewall was recommended to me on another forum board so, not being pickly and not really caring, I decided to go for it. I like the way that it did prompt you frequently. When you talk about security applications, what exactly do you mean? The only things that I have running the background are firewall, virus and one spyware program. I just checked my firewall right before this post and everything is now cool. My component monitor is on learning at this time. Security is set to custom.

Hi, seems your problem is solved :slight_smile:

By security apps, I meant, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, HIPS etc. leaving these running when you install CFP can cause problems, so we recommend they be disabled during install.


I didn’t know about that, but I’ll make a note of it for the future in case I ever have to reinstall the software.