Using Sandbox as a REAL sandbox


I’m trying to use COMODO’s Sandbox in this way:

  • The program inside the Sandbox CANNOT see my real files. This is important because I noticed Sandboxed programs can read and write files to the real disk. I don’t want that;
  • Whenever I close the Sandboxed program, all changes are reverted back;
  • All this must be achieved without going into the Virtual Desktop

Would it be possible?


on sandbox settings, untick “Do not virtualize access to these specified files/folders” (see attachment).
The default configuration allow sandboxed apps to save file on the “shared space” folder so that you can use them even after you clean the sandbox.
Anyway, one of the default sandbox rule is to virtualize any app that may be launched from the “shared space”; like that, if one of that app is a virus, it will be conteined in the sandbox.

About auto-clear sandbox, I guess this is not possible, some users have already asked for adding that feature, but as far as I know it has not been implemented yet


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