Using proxy.. How to set Comodo up?

In Comodo setting panel I see proxy tab.

Is it for Comodo-pro version only? When comodo’s proxy server is used…

What if I use my proxy server installed locally ( ?
Can Comodo help me in this situation ?

Hi, the proxy tab in CIS is only to provide information about how CIS should update. It takes it’s settings from Internet Options in control panel.

It would be very nice to say Comodo that I am using proxy server…

Because when MyAnApp.exe tries to go to the internet (lets say ■■■■■.com)
Comodo asks me: “MyAnApp.exe wants to access ■■■■■.com:80 - allow or block ?”
And I can decide what to do.

But when I use locally installed proxy in this situation Comodo asks:
“MyAnApp.exe wants to access - allow or block ?”
And I do not know what to do.

Local proxy I use to parse my connections and block/allow “media”, “images”, “downloads”, etc…
It would be extremally fine to have such features (connections parsing) in Comodo to create global rules to control internet activity (to filter some kind connections)