Using Personal Firewall with a compiler... Nightmare!


After I found out Sygate Personal Firewall was no longer going to be supported, I fished around for another… After reading a lot of forum posts & reviews, I gave it a shot… I’m actually pretty impressed!

However (isn’t there always one of those?) I am having problems because I am an application developer and when I go to test my re-compiled applications, I get a popup from Comodo saying the application has changed, etc…

My IDE uses a remote debugger (even when debugging locally). How can I make comodo completely ignore my newly compiled application (even when it changes) but let Comodo protect all the other applications that should not change?? Comodo still checks to see if it has changed even after setting the application as trusted.

I’m not sure you can single it out for a particular application. I know your getting the alerts because the component monitor is switched on, maybe you can edit the program rule either in the component monitor or program page.

Wish I could help more.