Using only Comodo firewall

Hi guys,Is there a place I can find the best or most secure settings for just the firewall? Using 3.13 on windows XP and AVG… Thanks for your help.

Use custom policy mode and you will be happy. Do not use stealth port wizard

Why do you say this? ???

Have a look through Kyle’s guide here:

Whose question are you answering ?
Are you explaining to HeffeD why stealth ports is a bad idea ?

I used the link and did a search for “stealth port”. The only result was
We are going to start by going to;
Comodo → Firewall → Stealth Ports Wizard. We will select “Block All Incoming connections - Stealth my ports to everyone” and click Finish.

Personally I have no wish to open up my computer to torrents, P2P etc.
I have the same desire as 4putt for maximum security,
and I feel that Kyle’s guide is ideal for myself and 4putt,
and this includes Stealth my ports to everyone.


Alan it was for 4putt.

I also would like to query the advice from Scary_bear as I don’t agree either.

I found James Franes suggestion and It’s done. Thanks for your help!!