Hi, Hope you will be able to advise me. My old computer died (it hung in for 7 years so that’s pretty good) and I just ordered a new computer from Dell with windows xp pro on it. Your firewall came highly recommended in pc mag. My questions are

  1. All the freeware looks good, like something that I need with all the spyware, virus, trogens etc. that are ready to try & infect pc’s.
    Would I be able to use them all without slowing my pc down considerably.

  2. If not all which ones should I absolutly have on the pc.

  3. is it simple to set the programs up so they do what I need them to, and not accidently click on something a file that I need access to?

  4. Should I have my friend make a cd that has the downloaded programs saved to it, or would I be safe in going on line once I get the pc, and downloading it from this site?
    (can I be attacked without any security on it if I just go on-line to your site 1st)

  5. If the cd is the way to do it, will they all be able to be put on the one disc?

Sorry if I am so unknowledgeable on the correct terminologies, I do hope you can help me in these questions.
best wishes

hey, you’re so brave asking this topic straight through to the CEO ;D

  1. i think Firewall, AV, & Antispyware (antimalware) are enough and you can get them all on comodo download site (the CAVS is still BETA). for AV you can try avast ( or avira ( and ofcourse unfortunately they will slow down your PC, you have to choose either a fast or a safe computer.

  2. mmm,i think that’s different for every single product. but IMO CFP (comodo firewall) & CBOClean (comodo BOClean antimalware) are easy to use.

4&5) i think whenever we’re online (connected to network) there’s always risk, but it’s not that dangerous, just don’t open any unlegit site. and 1 disc is more than enough.

welcome liona (:HUG)


P.S. i’m not an expert ;D sorry

You shouldn’t note a difference in speed. Unless you use Norton of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides the Speed Issue you might have to restore you’re comp every month from Norton if you use it. Like i had to. :frowning:

i think all AV,firewall,antispyware will slow down least at startup. i have a server for LAN (RAM:512MB) with no security products installed, it’s faster than my (AV,AS,Firewall installed) notebook (RAM:1gb).

why do you have to restore your comp? and why do you use Norton then?

Nooooooooo I don’t use norton i use to. I have Avast 4.7 Home Edition. I’d never go to any Norton products :P. This is just my experience on a different computer :stuck_out_tongue: a few years back :cry:

i’ve used Norton 360 before (it’s norton security pack= firewall & antieverything all in one), pphheeww, i only used it for 4 hours ;D.

p.s. sorry liona for borrowing your topic ;D hope we didn’t confuse you.
hey if i may give you a suggestion,
use these products:
Firewall : CFP (comodo firewall 2.4)
AntiVirus : Avast /Avira
AntiSpyware : CBO (comodo BOClean)
and in case CBO ain’t enough you can use additional antispyware on demand scanner:
SuperAntiSpyware (

Ganda :■■■■

Possibly Spyware Terminator as real-time app.


I don’t see many people suggesting A-Squared free… It has nearly 904,000 signatures and is updated Daily. I find it almost a Must use product. :slight_smile: That’s my opinion only though.

Aloha Ganda, thank you for your help.

I used to use avg free home edition and zone alarm free which I thought caught most stuff. then a wk ago when I was updating the zone alarm accidently downloaded there full trial.
It scanned & said that I had a number of things on the pc including a trogan and I think some sort of worm which it removed.
I did notice since I downloaded it that my pc ran slower & I had more times that it would freeze & had to do control alt delete.
Not sure if it was that it didn’t work well w/ avg or other softwear on my pc or because of the trogan-worms
Then I got a 2 windows missing disc messages til it finally wouldn’t work at all. A black screen asking to hit f8, which did nothing or to reinsert the cd which I had lost for windows 2000.

I am hoping that I will have no problems with your free softwear, although I was aslo wondering if I should add avg free to it as well?

thank you again for all your help.
best wishes

well, i’m no expert about this “freeze” problem, (F8? safe mode?maybe you accidentally deleted the infected file?or your PC crashed coz you use 2 AV?), sorry i can’t help you with this thing. perhaps another person will, ===> maybe Japo? :smiley:
wait a sec, let me call em for you,


as far as i know, you can only have one antivirus and one you should stick with AVG free & zonealarm (it’s the zonealarm firewall right?) or uninstall them both before installing another AV & Firewall, and be sure you read the minimum system requirement before installing anything (i don’t think CFP’s compatible with windows 2000).

so good luck Liona, sorry i can’t help you further.

Why me? ;D

Liona you can’t have two firewalls, or two antivirus with resident protection, running at the same time. But you can have more than one antispyware.

If you were asked for the Windows installation disc, my first guess is that some of your core Windows files got deleted, either by the malware or by your antivirus.

Hi liona,
I’m not really an expert but I still might be able to maybe offer you some help until someone more savvy will find your thread.
First, as far as I understood, Zonealarm updated to the ‘whole package’, including AV etc., while you still had AVG installed. As ganda already assumed, there might be some conflict between your software: 2 AV, 2 AS(?), 2 whatever… You’d better uninstall either AVG (and other potentially conflicting programmes) or ZA. Make sure that whatever you uninstall uninstalls completely (IMO, AVG might be easier to uninstall than ZA - switching to an earlier system restore point might also be an idea, though success is questionable).
If you still fear your computer might be infected by a trojan, your best bet would be to dld and install HijackThis. You can get it here:
You can check it here:
or follow the instructions given here:
and check it yourself.
If you want to post the log in this forum, I’m sure someone will look through it and help you with whatever action has to be taken.
If you find any suspicious files, you can uplode them here: or here:
What you could also try is to hit F8 while booting and choose (I don’t remember the exact phrase) ‘start with last working registry something’.
Plz post back if any of this has helped. I sure hope so.
All the best,

coz you can move a smiley ;D

not to make this complicated, but i think i’ve heard that once your system is infected by a nasty, it can “whatever something” with system restore (i forgot what is it ;D) so doing system restore could be dangerous.

Liona, if you must to reinstall your OS, then install more uptodate OS. maybe XP SP2, coz every software are compatible with it.

GOOD POINT! Sorry, I was a little unclear. You should follow that advice only if your 1000000% positive that the trojan is gone or that it was an FP.
Inspired by ganda (thanks for pointing it out) you should also delete all system restore points as virii can survive there and then reinfect your system.
To do this you have to disable system restore, reboot your computer, enable system restore again and create a new restore point. Make sure that your computer really is clean, maybe by following my advice given above.
Thanks again ganda for pointing out the danger of my more than daft piece of advice.
All the best for you, liona.

no prob, i know you’re too old for this Grampa ;D ;D ;D , and ofcourse you can’t repair an infected system with just potato ;D


It’s worth a try :wink:

Grampa and gandy :slight_smile:

She is asking for a good security set-up 88) And you guys act if she is already infected :o I can understand you are both excited about her, but stay on topic please ;D

Greetz, Red.

hahahaha nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my Security Set Up

Avast 4.7 Home Edition (free)

A-squared free

Spybot Search & Destroy (free)

BOClean Anti Malware ( free and a great product :wink: )

So far this set up is working for me :slight_smile:

Super Anti Spyware (free)

Spyware Blaster (free)

the name is ganda ;D . and according to her previous post on page one, she’s really infected by a trojan. i’m the one who’s excited about her, That old grampa trying to mess & take the spotlight from me ;D.


P.S. hey liona, back me up please ;D