Using IE to update?

Will Comodo still need to use IE to update in the next version?

I’m a bit lost with this. IE to update?

when I click update, cfp updates, no browser intervention…


Must be referring to an old version of CPF that relied on ActiveX.

When I clicked update, it the dialog said it needed IE to update. I’ll be back at that computer next thursday, so I can post a screenshot.

Something like that… had me worried as well :wink:

My last update failed, btw, though just now I tried again and got “there are no updates available”.

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Comodo does use IE connection settings to update. It’s shown in the help section as well

well “there are no updates available” is shown because there are no updates available.
Firewall do not update just like AV definitions if I’m correct. You get updates for bug fixing and patching up the firewall.

So no updates means you have a secure fw :wink: No patches. No updates :smiley:


I’m guessing it refers to using proxy settings rather than actually “using” IE to connect.

I realise that :wink: sorry, I didn’t make myself clear - what I meant was that I got an error message (can’t remember what it was though, I’m afraid) the last time I tried to update (this morning, I’m rather new to this firewall :slight_smile: ), while it worked just fine the second time.

Hmm…I never got that error , then again I never tried to update frequently. but I sometimes get the error while trying to connect with CAVS (specially submitting files for analysis.)

Maybe Internet connection problem at that particular time. Not sure why?

Let us know if it happens frequently!


Amos, let me guess: the error message was 106?

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Update Error 106,1485.0.html