using FF themes

  • Your Operating System (and whether it’s 32bit/64bit):- Windows 7 64bit
  • Security Software Installed:- avast! and pctools firewall
  • How you produced the problem:- by installing and using the themes
  • How you tried to resolve the problem:- i didnt and went back to the default theme
  • Screen-shots with the error (if any):- see below for details
  • Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any:- no crashes
  • Any other Additional Information:- see below

ive installed a copy of themes as shown in the image

when i use any one of them they look like this with the back and forward buttons taller than the normal button like when i use in FF13




and also noticed in the default theme that the bigger buttons are missing?

It is the site inspector button causing this issue, if you right click it on the browser and untick “Display Site Inspector”, the themes will work, and you can still use the right click option in the menu.

cheers for the info ;D

Doesn’t work for my theme.

Still doesn’t work. No close, restore or minimize buttons on any theme except the default one. :frowning:

no them i try works on it no matter what i do no them work on it even if i disable the site inspector

Themes don’t work for me either. Windows 64-bit with Kaspersky. Won’t be able to use this browser until I can use themes or personas. You guys know the moaning I did about this issue in that one CD release that did not support this. ;D

Okay, so I was able to install one theme. It appears that there are only a couple of themes that will work with the release of FF this is based on. I personally don’t like only being able to choose from one or two themes.


Please add the names of the themes that are not working, as well as screenshots of the issues.
Some themes are currently working but testing every single one of them and “making it fit” IceDragon is difficult to say the least. Bear in mind that some of the themes have issues when installed in Firefox as well.

Any screenshots and themes added here will help us improve compatibility, so we are counting on your help.

Something worth mentioning:
Some themes may not be displayed properly after updating IceDragon, if the theme was installed before the update. To fix this you have to disable the theme and enable it after restarting IceDragon.

Thank you for your support.

These instructions to Customize the appearance for Comodo Ice Dragon indicate that you should be able to install Personas. I have not been able to. :frowning:

Very few themes work with the current version of CID.

Is it possible to change the default theme background to a lighter color so Personas can work?

I’ve tried removing the default theme completely from CID and then trying to see if the Personas will work. No luck.

There’s still that black in the background at the top.

I really like CID, but, I want Personas to work with it.

Any chance that this will rectified ASAP? keeping fingers crossed

Thanks very much for creating such a nice browser. :slight_smile:

Desktop system info:
Windows 32 bit and I use Comodo Internet Security