using EVPN to play lan games


So, i know this program it’s kinda like Hamachi, but a little better and safer by what i’ve red, but for some reason e can’t use it to play. I usually play C&C 3 Kane’s Wrath and Dungeon Siege 2 and others with my cousin through Hamachi, but i can’t with EVPN. We can talk and even send pings to one another, but we can’t find eachother on the lan lobby.

Can you guys give some tips to clear this out?

Thks in advance,

i ve just the same problem i can chat i can do the file trasfer but in the lobby we cant see each other
can anyone make a suggestion??

I have remote desktop connection enabled on my computer but it worked over the internet with hamachi but not EasyVPN. I looked at my settings on my computer and it has me say if a connection is public or personal. And my EasyVPN connection is under the public category. I looked at the remote desktop connection in the Windows firewall and it wasn’t enabled for public connections but WAS enabled for private. So I clicked the Public Button and went to a friends house and tried it and it worked perfectly. Maybe you are having the same problem but only with the game!

Just a suggestion to think about.

I have exactly the same problem as SoldJah, (I’m trying to play Company of Heroes with my pal).

It works with Hamachi, doesn’t work with EasyVPN. Pinging each other fine (5.0.x.x addresses). Software firewalls disabled. From what I can see, the game tries to use NetBIOS for communication.

Any suggestions?

are all these games using UDP for communication or TCP?
I think it is UDP if NETBIOS is used.

What kind of game did you create?
I don’t know as for Company of Heroes, or C&C 3 Kane’s Wrath and Dungeon Siege 2, I know about StarCraft (Brood War). LAN game with UDP type should be created to play through VPN successfully.

Me and my friend are trying to play StarCraft Broodwar. I’ve got EVPN installed on two of my computers, the one I’m using, and the one in the other room. I can create a network where my friend, the computer in the other room, and I can join. However, only the computer in the other room can see my game, my friend can’t.

Also, remote desktop doesn’t work between my computer and the other one across the hall.

As I understood, two computers are in the same network and one more PC is out of this network.
To play LAN game, you will need keep running EasyVPN on all three computers. All three machines should be in the one network of EasyVPN with enabled VPN option. You should launch EasyVPN first and the game then.

Hope it helps.


I am having the same issue. I have tried using EasyVPN with my friend to play a number of games on line. Company of Heros, Star Craft, LieroExtreme. We port forwarded the game through our routers and neither of us use a firewall (windows firewall is off). I just a belkin and he uses a netgear. Star Craft uses a UDP and that is what is forwarded on both computers.

I tried Homanchi but I could not get it to work either.

I also tried an old game called Giants and a NES emulator. We got the connection to work but we had to use the IP address options in both games, instead of the LAN. We entered the EasyVPN IP address so we know it was working, it was just not LAN though. Not many games have IP address options though.

Does anyone have any ideas? This has been a topic for some time.

what u can do, it’s reading this tutorial (yes, i know it’s about hamachi, but u can do what it says with comodo as well) and just try to check step by step, do u have all this stuff setup as it’s need to be

I’m also having problems connecting games. I read that Wiki and it says:

8. The game host must be running Vista when playing with XP users!

Does this also apply for EasyVPN?

The games work in Hamachi without any additional configuration. Isn’t EasyVPN supposed to be zero configuration?

yes and no. what u mean by zero conf ? under hamachi, sometimes u need to configure … pc. like make sure, evpn is on top of the connections in network connections. or make sure, it’s set up as a private network in network connections if u are runing vista/7

so yes. it is a zero conf. but u need to configure pc to make sure, evrything goes ok

I see no way to change the order of network adapters.

here is simple how to :wink:

Ah! It was an “Advanced” settings from a different location in my network settings that I was trying and it didn’t allow that. That’s wonderful Microsoft programming at work.

still … when i have testing some vps software (not only hamachi& c evpn) what i have discover, it’s the fact, that more u have vpn connections in networc connection, the more ucan have trouble with that.

priority for connections, seting up a firewall rules, one of them have use a hamachi connection to connect to own server (sic!)

so in my opinion … choose one software @ a time and use it. the other remove/and or disable it’s connection