Using DCC / sending files in Mirc

Hey folks, the tutorial for Mirc (how to set up DCC in here), doesnt work.

I’ve allowed Comodo to accept Mirc (port 59, and port 53), to log in.

I’ve added the ports I’ve got in options in Mirc, to Comodo.

BUT, it still wont work. This has only happened since I’ve refomatted. DCC USED to work prior to the format. And I didnt have to add anything else (but the above) for DCC to work in Comodo.

All I did was add the ports to XP’s firewall (even tho its off), for DCC to work, and it worked.

I’ve tried adding the ports I’ve put in Mirc to Network Monitor, added the ports to the destination port, tried TCP/UDP in and out, TCP in, put source, dest ip, and source on any. I still cant DCC.

I’ve gone into the 2 Mirc entries under application monitor, tried changing the ports here, but I dont think youre meant to change them here, otherwise it’ll keep asking for access, everytime u run Mirc.

So, anyone else have any ideas on how to get DCC to work?

My ip does appear in Mirc, so the server or I’m not the prob. It resolves no prob at all.

Hi Speedy Gonzales

I’m not sure which tutorial you have used but it looks like you may have your ports a little wrong. Port 53 is used for DNS queries and not for logging on to IRC.

There is a comprehensive tutorial here: Mirc Tutorial by pandlouk.

Try this and see how you get on. If you still have problems, you know where we are :slight_smile:


Thats the tutorial I was referring to.

The ports I gave are the ports Comodo brings up, after I installed Mirc and ran it.

So, I allowed them.

I can get into Mirc np at all, and log into the server np at all. Its the DCC side that doesnt work.

Port 59 is the DCC server. As stated in the other post you quoted, previously I didnt have to add any ports to Comodo (Only XP’s firewall) and DCC worked.

The only two entries for Mirc are in Application Monitor. Thats it.

Speedy Gonzales

Could you take a screen shot of your Application Monitor Rules and Network Monitor Rules and post them here please. From those we may be able to see where the problem lies. In the mean time you may want to read the information here:


Umm, well most of the programs in app monitor are other programs, (Avast Pro, ATI drivers, Paintshop Pro, Firefox, Explorer, IE 7’s entries, Itunes, Java, OE, Outlook, Winamp, WinDVR, Winzip, and WMP 11).

Thats it, and 2 for mirc.

Only the default settings are in Network monitor (the settings when u install Comodo).

Nothing else has been added (the ports for DCC were there), but have been removed, because they didnt work.

Its just funny that it did work before I formatted, but since I’ve installed the latest version (no previous version was installed before it) , DCC no longer works. I’ll have a read of the links u posted.

I dont use proxies. As I said I can get into Mirc, on this PC and thru the LAN (thru the other PC), so logging in / getting into IRC isnt the prob either. Its just DCC thats doesnt work.

Altho its possible the servers are dead, which will explain why DCC doesnt work for me (if it doesnt work for anyone else).

As you probably know, MIRC requires a number of ports to be open to function correctly. These are:

6660-6669 (usually 6667) - Connections (TCP IN)
113 - IDENT (UDP IN)
1024-5000 - DCC and Chat (TCP IN)

Its not necessary, however, to open all of these ports.

To limit the ports that MIRC uses got to:

File/Options/DCC/Options menu. and set the values you wish to use for DCC.

Having done that you will need to configure CFP to open thos ports that you have selected.


Ok, I’ll try that, yup, I’ve changed the ports completely to only a few. 2075-2080. Or something.

The ports like 6660-6669 etc would go under destination port in the entry I make right??

It wouldnt matter if I put them in under a port range or a set of ports would it?

Also after I add these rules, should I move them near the top of the rules? Is right at the top of the rules, better than say in the middle or near the end (before the block and log rule)?

It shouldn’t matter where you place the rules in the hierarchy, providing there is nothing above that is more restrictive.