Using CTM with cloning services

Hello dear users of the internets!

I am employed at a school which has a lot of identical (or close to identical) machines and I want to use the same image on all of the machines, in other words I want all of the machines to have the same applications etc. For this I’ve used an open source project called Fog.

Now I want to use Comodo Time Machine with this, because the students should have administrative rights if they ever need to use some applications that are not installed on the machines. But giving students administrative rights will result in the machines being very un-organized in a short period of time. Now this is where the CTM comes into play. I’ve set it up so that it’ll revert back to a certain configuration every time it boots up.

The problem however is that when I deploy the image through Fog to a machine and boot it up, comodo is GONE. The folder is there, but it’s empty. So my question is that does comodo somehow protect it’s files from being copied by fog or are they stored in some hidden partition or something. I’m very confused about this problem and I’ve spent too much time trying to figure this out already.

I would be most grateful if some one could explain why this happens or if someone has a hunch over what could be causing this problem. Thanks in advance!

CTM restores an exact snapshot with all files in it, hidden or not, in every folder…

FOG also supports putting an image that came from a computer with a 80GB partition onto a machine with a 40GB hard drive as long as the data is less than 40GB.
CTM cannot support image resizing... Everything will be messed and you'll lost all the snapshots.
FOG is Powerful. With features like virus scanning, memory testing, disk wiping, testdisk, and file recovery, FOG does more than just imaging.
Disk wipping will redirect all reads/writes of the image and will increase the snapshots.

You can use CTM with scheduled tasks and protect them (the tasks) with a password.
You need to achieve full backup/restore of the partition and also keep the MBR. I didn’t understand how FOG works regarding to this.